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The ZTE Grand S Flex is the most mature bet the Chinese company to conquer the European market. This is a phone with a panel of 5 inches which stands one step ahead to the input range launches with which the firm has performed, but maintained a moderate price of 270 euros, making it a good choice for modern budgets. It also has the great attraction of integrating support for 4G connections, has a good 8 megapixel camera and an internal memory of 16 GB. All are with the operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. We have had the opportunity to thoroughly test this mobile.

Design and Display

One of the aspects that distinguish the ZTE Grand S Flex is its design. At first glance struck by the contrast between the back and white side and the part where the panel itself is housed in transparent black. White housing protrudes slightly at the sides over the panel, so giving the impression of forming a mobile halo when looking straight ahead. Mobile is a fairly long and with rounded corners, so it is quite comfortable to grip and is easy to reach any corner of the panel even when using only one hand.

Certainly attractive design has nothing to envy the most powerful launches mobile landscape. What we liked least of this terminal is the mechanism to insert the MicroSIM card, as it requires using a metal clip to remove the small tray and then insert the card. It is always more convenient to use other mechanical device.

On the screen, the 5-inch panel has nature displays and HD resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, enough to do with good detail the contents of the phone. We also liked the brightness of the panel, but do not reach the height of the market’s most advanced devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. What did we have found is that the answer screen mobile ZTE sometimes does not reach the expected level, and may need to get used to this point until you master the whole.

ZTE Grand S Flex different mobile


Another of the strengths of the ZTE Grand S Flex is the camera. This is a rear objective resolution of eight megapixels, auto-focus and flash. The result of the photographs is more than acceptable for an average user, allowing us to immortalize our favorite moments. This lens has a digital zoom of 3.8 increases. In addition, it is also capable of recording 1080p quality video. On the front camera has a resolution of 1 megapixel to meet the just when self-portraits. In addition, you can record video in 720p quality video call and use applications like Skype.

Memory and power

To store our applications and media files, the Grand S Flex has 16 GB of memory. This card leaves a usable space of 13 GB. Certainly a good capacity must be sufficient to work seamlessly with this device. In this case does not include a slot for MicroSD, so in case you need more capacity we opt for a service on the network storage as SkyDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

The Mobile ZTE runs through a dual-core processor with a power of 1.2 GHz, which binds to a memory RAM of 1 GB. In normal use phone menus Android and apps can move with good fluidity (the system of Google does not require much power), although we noted a little more slowly in games that require enhanced graphics. On the other hand, we have also noticed that this is a less powerful processor when you start or restart the system, a process that is somewhat slow.

Operating System and Applications

The operating system chosen for this terminal is 4.21.2 Android Jelly Bean. This is a version of the icons of Google in which a major inclusions is the voice assistant Google Now. This tool learns from our preferences and our use of searches to provide customized information. Besides, we already have more than a million applications available in the official store. The ZTE Grand S Flex also includes several apps specific to the Chinese company. The one we found most interesting is the one that works on the lock screen of the mobile. This is a ring that incorporates up to six shortcuts to different applications you can customize. Thanks to this, it speeds up the start of the most used apps. We also liked the ability to choose between different animations when moving through different menu screens.


The most prominent of this mobile is the ability to connect to 4G networks high-speed, ten times faster than the networks 3G. There also have free WiFi to connect to the local network and technology Bluetooth 3.0 to exchange data between compatible devices. It also has A-GPS to leverage the platform browser built into Android. In the field of physical connections, includes a micro USB port to charge the computer and transfer information to the computer. In addition, we also have FM radio, a feature perfect for those users who often listen to your favorite stations while traveling.


The ZTE Grand S Flex has a battery of 2,300 milliamps, which the company says Asian reaches three hours of talk time and 250 hours standby. When normal use of this equipment, we noticed that it is able to get through the day with normal use (i.e. use navigation via chat apps like WhatsApp and some other application that requires Internet connection). Good news that will not have to be aware of a plug after a few hours.

Price and reviews

The price of ZTE Grand S Flex part of 270 euros, and is now available. This is a very interesting terminal midrange considerable size of five inches, and follows the market trend of creating ever larger phones. Among its strengths found the ability to connect to 4G networks or high-speed top-level design in which is mixed white and black transparent to the front of the panel. We also liked the rear camera, which achieves a good performance thanks to its eight megapixels and the ability to record video in high definition 1080p.

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