If you’re looking for a powerful mobile frontline, the Wiko Highway will be the best choice

The Wiko Highway is the mobile flag of Wiko. A team of five inches that comes with a powerful eight-core processor that comes to leaving a mark. And it is that its power joins a very attractive design with Corning Gorilla Glass use in the housing and fineness below 8 mm or a front camera with high resolution of 8 megapixels. All this is with a very attractive price of 350 euros.

At first glance, the design of Wiko Highway powerfully recalls the Sony Xperia Z with the use of glass in the housing and the front. But then we find differences between the two models. For example, the Highway combines Corning Gorilla glass reinforced with the use of metal on the sides. It has a more elongated shape and rounded corners, which is much appreciated when catching the terminal. Overall, this is a very attractive and elegant design that has nothing to envy to the most powerful releases of recent times and has also managed to introduce a really thin thickness of only 7.7 mm and 154 grams.

The screen of Wiko Highway is a 5-inch panel with IPS technology and Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels that will be used to view the contents of the computer with a very high level of detail. This resolution is a very high density of 441 ppi. Course, we felt that Wiko could have insisted a little more sparkle in the team, which is one of the least developed aspects of this panel. What I enjoy is about good viewing angles thanks to IPS technology use and reinforcement against scratches and bumps which is strengthening Corning Gorilla glass second generation.

Another of the highlights of this terminal is the photographic section. The Highway incorporates a rear camera with a resolution of 16 megapixels with LED flash and HDR to get better pictures. The performance of this camera is remarkable and can take good quality images both during the day and in low light conditions. It has numerous shooting modes such as face detection and smile detection (takes the picture only when the user smiles), performing panoramic or even a tool to show the skin smooth when shooting. The rear camera is also capable of recording video at 1080p quality.


But the point at which we would really like to stop at its front camera, one of the hallmarks of this top-level smartphone. And is that the front camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels which is above what we have seen so far in the market. Thanks to it, we can take pictures of ourselves or our friends with a very good result, and then upload these pictures directly to networks like Facebook or Google+. No doubt this is a big plus of this phone, considering the amount of photographs that fill these walls profiles.

The Wiko Highway hit the market with the tag of being the first mobile processor with eight real cores. Specifically, it includes a processor ARM Cortex A7 eight cores with a power of 2 GHz uplifting performance of this smartphone to a new level. Both the operating system and the vast majority of applications and games store Android operating very smoothly. Of course, keep in mind that most of the time we use this phone will exploit this capability that allows chip. Also, this is attached to a 2 GB RAM running allowing a greater number of applications simultaneously. In the field of internal memory, we have 16 GB of space. In principle it should be enough to storejits apps and media space. Yes, one of the few niggles that you can add to this phone is the fact that this space can not be expanded via a MicroSD card. If you want more space, we have to resort to network storage solutions like Dropbox or OneDrive (the old SkyDrive).

The operating system chosen for the Wiko Highway is Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. This is one of the latest versions of popular Google system, but you are missing the company has not opted for a newer version to enjoy the latest news from this platform. Android is already a very mature system that includes more than one million applications from its official store. This includes applications and games of all kinds that allow us to achieve a very high level of customization, with names like WhatsApp for messaging (just been bought by Facebook), Facebook’s own app to surf the net and chat with its contacts or Candy Crush Saga for spending long periods of fun.

We also noticed the weight that Google apps preinstalled. Tools such as Gmail or Google Maps allow us to check our mail or browse to a specific address. With YouTube we can watch our favorite high-definition videos, and Hangouts can turn into a very interesting alternative for chatting and video calls. Note that the Highway has a lighter and simpler than other companies like Samsung or HTC software layer, which provides a purer Android experience (with the advantages and disadvantages that entails). Within the company added, which we think is more gesture recognition. Through this function, we can unlock the phone going hand in front of the screen or go through the images with a simple gesture.


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