The Yamaha YAS-103 is an interesting choice to bring the cinema home

The Yamaha YAS-103 is a bar designed to enjoy the sound quality of the film but being at home. This device is intended for an adult audience, with the possibility of allowing some quirk, as this device has a good quality / price. It also comes with a built-in Bluetooth technology that allows connecting to a wireless terminal. This model features a number of improvements over its younger sister, the Yamaha YAS-101, such as audio quality.

The Japanese brand provides us with several benefits in this sound bar. Among others, a choice of Home Theater devices to synchronize with Android, the operating system for phones and tablets Google, as with iOS, software for mobile and tablets Apple. This will allow us to control the basic settings of a wireless device as the volume up or down, select the font or enable and disable Bluetooth.

The most representative technologies included are two: the Air Surround Extreme and UniVolume. The first attempts to simulate a virtual 7.1 sound while we are viewing any movie or listening to a song. Furthermore, the second part, maintains a balanced volume level so that when the ads are issued not turn up the sound too much.

It has a sleek and elongated piano black design. It consists of a single element with a double integrated subwoofer not necessary to occupy more space in the living room or bedroom. Yamaha aims with this that you will not have to put more speakers and leave more space around the house. Therefore, the soundbar offers great flexibility in placing the house. Due to their small size and ability to blend, you can simulate up a decorative element.

Furthermore, it can be placed in front of any slimline televisions, since the height is adjustable. Due to its soft curved lines, allows mounting on a wall using the template included in the instructions and hardware available on the market. You can even place as support for television.

Yamaha YAS-103 ww

The user no longer needs a speaker unit separately in order to have a sound quality inside your House. The drivers of integrated subwoofers that that has integrated the device, combined with the large cabin volume of the device and the box reflexes low, make the bass sound has a great intensity. These have a straight shape that, by joining with trumpet-shaped ducts, make the clarity of what we are listening to have a optimal balance.

Some of these bars only provide stereo sound and others provide a virtual surround audio with inaccurate projection of graphics. However, the Yamaha YAS-103 employs a system called Air Surround Xtreme, revealing a 7.1 surround sound, a class of channels with excellent imaging and rich presence, far superior when compared to other similar models. The user can enjoy this realistic audio, with a dialogue clear in front and dynamic sound in the back action.

Moreover, this sound bar is able to make the voices remain clear, which raises the level of dialogue and narrations while maintaining the sound quality in general. Thus, the user can hear the best movies, TV shows, football games and telecasts.

It also has a feature that will be greatly appreciated by the public, the UniVolume. This keeps the volume level of any video you are watching via television. The technology made by Yamaha maintains a constant audio level between different channels, programs, commercials and input sources. Thus, in the time that the various channels decide to increase the sound to start the ads, you are still listening all at the same volume, if you prefer. The same is true when switching sources to see a DVD or a movie on Blu-ray, even for listening to music on a CD. Particularly, this is very useful at night, when audio peaks can disturb neighbors. If you still do not like this method, we remark that as progress, the user can turn it off or turn it to your liking.

Soundbar YAS-103 is compatible with most popular formats you surround sound such as Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround, so you get the full effect of the movie audio from multiple channels and improve the user experience.

This device connects to any available Android smartphone operating system 2.2.3 or higher 5.5.1 or higher and updates Apple. This time, the side of Windows Phone remains a matter of incompatibility. Thus, the computer is able to stream music from these terminals, taking into account that should be compatible with Bluetooth technology, a type of wireless connection. If the soundbar to your smartphone is connected, enable the audio device is connected or disconnected for the convenience of saving energy. It is a very useful option to reduce some of the electricity bill.

There is also a free application control for easy operation of the system. This app is called Home Theater Control App, which is available both in the Play Store and the Google Play, online download stores for mobile platforms Apple and Android, respectively. This makes the device easy to control when connected via Bluetooth, including input selection, surround modes and other settings.


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