The world’s most dominant mobile workstation

The Dell Precision M4800 is a mobile workstation to use. With a remarkable power thanks to its processor quad-core Intel Core and its graphical options, and with a design that leaves little to the imagination. It is a “brick” with many advanced options for professionals who require a robust and powerful machine. Moreover, its panel 15.6 inch might also introduce a resolution QHD 3,200 x 1,800 pixels, with which it reaches a level of detail excellent. Its starting price reaches 1,700 euros in the official website of Dell.

Four deskside workstation price-perf points-reviewAs is usual in these top teams to the professional field, from the U.S. Company offered various options to boost processor performance Dell Precision M4800. In the basic version of this portable workstation have a chip -4800MQ Intel Core i7 quad-core and a power of 2.7 GHz per core. With Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, power can be expanded up to 3.7 GHz in the times required greater processing capacity. In addition, through the Hyper-Threading Intel processors work with two threads per core process. That means we can work as if we were actually eight cores. This power is attached to a memory core 8GB RAM. Users who want more memory have the option to expand up to 32 GB.

In the field of internal storage, you have three slots (two for 2.5 inch devices and one for small format cards solid state. U.S. The company offers several different configurations. On one hand, you can opt for a traditional hard drive with a speed of 7,200 revolutions per minute between 320 GB and 750 GB. Another option is that of a hard disk 500 GB with auto encrypt stored files. If you want to increase performance, the following it marks a memory step hybrid that combines memory SSD 32GB storage format system and format memory cache and hard disk 500 GB or 1 TB. Finally, the last two are the most advanced configurations. On one side disk from 128 GB SSD and 512 GB and the other a solid state mini card with the same range of abilities. Professionals who choose more than one of these devices can use RAID to improve data security or performance.

Dell Precision M4800

The Dell Precision M4800 allows integrating different discrete graphics cards. On the one hand we find the AMD FirePro M5100 Mobility Pro with 2GB of dedicated memory. Or you can also integrate two different models of the family of NVIDIA Quadro. The graphics card NVIDIA Quadro K1100M or the NVIDIA Quadro K2100M, the two with a dedicated memory of 2 GB DDR5 in format.

Dell maintains the same design that has been introduced in previous installments of their mobile workstations. With a square shape and very sturdy body that resembles an industrial design that escapes the trend of manufacturers to make equipment lighter and increasingly attractive. Despite its label portable, this team has a considerable weight of 2.88 kilos and a thickness of about four centimeters that will make it more difficult to transport and handle. No doubt, its main use is found in the office environment as a replacement to a traditional desktop computer. As to the display, the Dell Precision M4800 allows three different configurations. The first and most basic is a panel of 15.6 inches with standard resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels and anti-glare. This is an option chosen above all those professionals who plan to use this unit connected to a larger monitor. The second of the options is a panel with resolution full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, which will allow us to display the contents of the team with a higher level of detail. Finally, for graphic design professionals there is also the option of a panel with resolution qHD + 3,200 x 1,800 pixels.

Dell offers several different configurations. On the one hand, we can choose the operating system Windows 7 Professional, l a common choice for this type of professional equipment. For those who want a more complete version can also opt for Windows 7 Ultimate. Finally, the company also offers the option of having Windows 8 Pro. This operating system is having a rather slow adoption in the field of entrepreneurship, especially because Microsoft has been focusing on developing its image ahead of the end users and the use of touch screens. However, it is an attractive option thanks to some added as a new task manager or the tool to perform automatic backups of our personal files. In terms of security, workstation Dell also includes a trial version of 30 days of McAfee antivirus.

Mobile-WorkstationIn the field of connections, the team of Dell incorporates four USB 3.0 ports for transfer rates ten times faster than the traditional USB case. It also has a connector DisplayPort to chain multiple displays at the same time, a port VGA for connecting to a monitor port or HDMI. In addition, we will have a card reader 9 in 1 and the possibility of incorporating a smart card reader. At this point you are missing including a fingerprint reader, an option that often integrates high-end professional equipment. What it does have the Dell Precision is a TPM 1.2 chip, a technology that adds a layer of additional security for the data on the disk. The internet connection is done both through WiFi as an Ethernet port. On the other hand, for professionals to be broad move much useful the ability to integrate a 4G data module, although I must say that the dimensions and weight of the equipment limit the utility. As for peripherals, we have a DVD player.

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