The wonders of the smartphone Wiko Darkmoon

Wiko continues to expand its portfolio of smartphones and does so with a new model belonging to the Dark series, which corresponds to its advanced range. The new model is called Wiko Darkmoon and continuing the wake of other products that we know to offer one very complete technical profile at an affordable price. In this case the terminal is notable for its slim and lightweight design, but also for its generous screen 4.7 inches.

We have already advanced to the Wiko Darkmoon boasts a fairly wide screen whose diagonal reaches 4.7 inches. This format provides a visual experience first as the surface allows better see the content and the interface is more clear. However, we believe that it is within an acceptable limit from the point of view of functionality. The panel resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels -or what is the same, the standard HD-and therefore its density is 312 ppi, a high figure which ensures good sharpness. The screen is covered by a layer of Corning Gorilla glass to prevent breakage or scratches.

The design is one of the strengths of the Wiko Darkmoon, an unusual detail in affordable Android smartphones but Wiko usually look often. Its chassis is pretty tight so that the whole is not excessively large, but nevertheless users with smaller hands may have difficulty using the device with one hand. The terminal profile of only 7.8 mm, with a more stylized effect and also makes the weight is only 110 grams. Wiko repeated with a cover of aluminum which provides strength and also gives you a look sophisticated.

At the rear of the chassis found the camera, a unit of eight megapixels prepared for good results in low light thanks to the BSI technology. Le accompanying basic features like auto focus, an LED flash, 4x digital zoom, geo-tagging, face detector and HD720p video recording. Moreover, Wiko adds a number of special features that help improve the photographs and how high dynamic range, or HDR, the image editor or filters for color. The Wiko Darkmoon also has a number of advanced features including Cinemagraph to create animated pictures (like the Nokia Lumia system), the magic eraser to unwanted objects, face beauty to enhance portraits and smile shot. Also equipped with a camera on the front sensor five megapixels, and video calls and self-pictures have a good quality.

On the other hand Wiko Darkmoon has a varied media profile in terms of supported formats, but also supports advanced file types like MKV to HD videos. It also has FM radio, 3D sound and built-in voice dictation.

Just as the rest of the series Dark, the Wiko Darkmoon bet by a processor Cortex-A7 of four cores to provide adequate performance without breaks or slowdowns in the animations. In this case the chip operates at a frequency of 1.3 gigahertz, and also has one Gb RAM. The internal memory is the weak point of the device is that it only has four Gb storage line, which will be little more than half available discounting what concerns the system. The user can expand the total capacity to 32 GB additional memory cards MicroSD .

The Wiko Darkmoon shipped with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, a relatively current version of the mobile platform from Google. Now say that even though there are two newer releases (4.3 and 4.4 Jelly Bean KitKat), it has some of the most interesting improvements like Google Now wizard, customizable widgets and also improving performance Butter Project.

The terminal comes with the whole package of Google and other utilities. Stepping outside of the box the user can add their Google account or create a new order to synchronize their email, navigate with Google Maps, view and share videos from Youtube or store documents in Google Drive among many other things. The terminal features applications like Facebook, Twitter and many more available to download from the store Google Play. Finally note that also includes the Wiko game Asphalt 7 Heat from Gameloft.

The Wiko Darkmoon has the basic connection systems to develop the usual tasks of a smartphone, such as Internet access networks through WiFi or 3G to 21 Mbps will also ask to use navigation services, and it equips one assisted GPS antenna with which the system can locate and trace routes.

Another essential point is the connection Bluetooth will serve to share files, use accessories like headset or sync with a computer. Physical connections include the classic port MicroUSB for charging or transferring data and audio output for headphones or speakers. Wiko adds a dual SIM card slot, so you can carry two phone lines in the same device. But this system also has the distinction of accepting one microSIM MiniSim and thus should not be cut or use adapters if only we insert a SIM.

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