The wonderful tablet Glee SPC 9.7

The Glee SPC 9.7 is a 9.7-inch tablet with a slim design and several premium features, but with a greatly reduced price of 160 euros. Above all, we liked the excellent range of up to nine hours of navigation continuous and good resolution of 2 megapixels its camera back; two specifications often suffer cuts when it comes to devices below the $ 200 barrier. It also includes a processor with a very powerful quad core or screen anti-scratch to avoid accidents, completing a very competitive package. We tell you all the details in depth analysis.

Design and Display

The Glee SPC 9.7 follows the lines of other Spanish brand products. A design attractive and slim that has nothing to envy to other launches high-end market. Its lines combine to dominate the frame black front and white on the rest of the device. It also has a very competitive weight of 670 grams, making it manageable for a tablet to take it anywhere. On the screen, the company has deployed a 9.7-inch HD panel with a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels.

This resolution will be enough to do with good detail the contents of the tablet, but is below what manufacturers are offering in recent months. Yes, many times these high resolutions have more to do with marketing theme that real value that will leverage the user. The best example is the retina display of the iPad, which integrates a resolution that the human eye is unable to grasp. Returning to tablet SPC, one of the great advantages of this panel is that it has included anti scratch protection by Gorilla Glass, an improvement that users will appreciate and is not usually common in devices priced as demure.


Here is another of the strengths of Glee SPC 9.7 tablet. Not so much in its rear camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels which can be quite short for our photographs, but in its front camera, which shares the same resolution. With it, we can make videoconferencing a remarkable level of quality, in addition to self-portraits that hang in social networks. Undoubtedly, the Spanish company has realized lower profits on tablets with rear cameras (usually use smartphone ever before for photos) and if its front camera for other functions.

Glee SPC 9.7

Power and memory

One aspect that has wanted to look at this tablet is the processor (both CPU and GPU), so the 9.7 Glee is no muss able to run most applications and games that can be found on the Android platform. To do so, performance was strengthened with the inclusion of a processor ARM Cortex A7 four-core 1.2 GHz and a graphics processor PowerVR SGX multi-core. The Spanish company has announced that this tablet is able to start on a very fast time of just eight seconds, which is not unusual in the field of tablets. What care is not so much the subject of memory RAM, already with 1GB can run smoothly some applications, but it can slow down the system in case you want to run several applications at once.

In the field of internal memory, have 8 GB eMMC format. This amount may be sufficient if you do not use the tablet to save many apps and personal files. But it will fall short in the event we make intensive multimedia use 9.7 SPC Glee. In this case, we have the option to expand the memory up to 32 GB through memory card MicroSD.

Operating System and Applications

The operating system of this tablet is Android in its version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. We must emphasize this point because in the most competitive tablets usually opt for a slightly less (usually Android 4.1 Jelly Bean). But Glee 9.7 SPC uses its good power to shine a newer version, which also can upgrade to new releases of the system of Google in the following months. The platform Android represents a complete universe of applications, games and tools that already has more than 1 million proposals in its official store. Among them, there is a special way to emphasize the company’s own apps finder, such as Google Maps to find any address and navigate, Gmail or Google Now. This is a voice assistant that learns from its preferences and gives us relevant information according to location through cards. Also, in this version of Android has been introduced the ability to use multiple user profiles, a very useful option to maintain a higher level of privacy if we are several that use the tablet at home.


In the field of connections, Glee 9.7 SPC has free WiFi to connect to the local network and Bluetooth to transmit information to compatible equipment. This connection will allow us; for example, listen to music from tablet via a wireless speaker or sharing photos with a friend. One of the inclusions is usually not so common is the connection Miracast. With this technology, you can transmit the contents of the tablet directly to a TV or compatible monitor through the WiFi network. If you do not have this technology the TV, you can also dip into the connector Micro HDMI to watch movies or videos in high quality. The connections are completed with a port Micro USB to recharge the tablet or connect the computer and exchange files between these teams.

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