Wiko retains the concept of an affordable smartphone with interesting features

Wiko continues to expand its portfolio of smartphones without losing the maximum of comprehensive terminals at very affordable prices. In this case we will talk about the new Wiko Rainbow, a terminal that promises a fresh design with shells in bright colors. The terminal maintains the spirit of the rest of the range, but focuses on an intermediate segment. It has a wide screen, quad-core processor, camera eight megapixels and you could not miss the system Dual SIM. Best of all is its price, 160 euros in free format.

The Wiko Rainbow has a panel with IPS technology and diagonal of 5 inches, a large size that allows us to see very clearly the content and enjoy a more interesting multimedia experience. The screen resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels and density stays at 294 ppi, which is not bad. The screen has a sensor that detects the environment so that the brightness can automatically adjust light at all times, also has a proximity sensor that shuts off the screen when we approach the phone to your face to talk.

As mentioned, the Wiko Rainbow has a very trendy design with its color covers very striking. The range includes coral, turquoise, fuchsia, fluorescent yellow, purple and classic black and white. The casing is plastic and covers the entire back and sides of the terminal, the buttons are also on the edge of the same color and Grid headset will play. The handset measures 146 x 74 x 9.3 mm and weighs 163 grams, a normal model with 5-inch screen, although they could have adjusted a few more steps to lighten the whole.

Wiko included a chamber eight megapixels in the back with technology OmniBSI. The BSI or Backside Illumination sensors are constructed so that there are fewer layers between the lens and the photosensitive portion and reach them more lightly and get better results in dark environments. However, be occasions when it is necessary to dip into the flash LEDs integrated with the camera. It has some interesting features like magic camera, including a draft of objects and a function to create animated pictures (GIF). It also has auto focus, smile detection, mode HDR mode portrait (Beauty Face), digital zoom increases four, editor of pictures, effects of color and lets you change the white balance. How could it be otherwise record videos, and it does as FullHD, also has a front camera of 2 megapixel for video calls or self-photos.

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The Wiko Rainbow has a very complete multimedia profile from the point of view of the formats supported, but also carries a tuner FM radio, a 3D sound system and voice dictation. The range Wiko usually go for processors quad core even in its most simple terminals. In this case repeated chip A7 Cortex operating at 1.3 Ghz clock frequency. In support features 1 GB of RAM. No configuration is a tip to say, but it is enough to perform common tasks fluently, although there will be applications like games with complex graphics, which could slow down the terminal.

The internal memory is usually the Achilles heel of the most affordable smartphones and Wiko Rainbow is a clear example. The terminal has a fund of 4 GB, of which about half will be free. We can do little with a memory of about 2 Gb, so buying a card MicroSD will be almost mandatory if you want to store photos, videos, applications or other files.

The Wiko Rainbow comes standard with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Although it is a somewhat veteran version has interesting features like the wizard Google Now, with which we can control the phone with voice and receive information of interest, such as knowing the traffic and the time it cost us get home. It also has the Google service package that includes Gmail, YouTube, the browser, Google Chrome, the messaging application Hangouts, Google Maps and of course the store Google Play Store, where you can download countless titles.

Connections are a key point in any smartphone because without them it would be impossible to run such basic tasks like checking Facebook, share a photo on Instagram or find an address. The Wiko Rainbow has a profile of connectivity that has the necessary systems so that the user can develop this type of functions. The mobile terminal connects to the Internet through mobile networks 3G, but at a maximum speed of 21 Mbps, which is not bad, but it is out of the latest generation of mobile networks. It is also compatible with WiFi networks and allows us to share the connection with other devices with the system known as WiFi Hotspot. The Bluetooth 4.0, GPS antenna, MicroUSB port and plug connection for headphones could not miss. We have already advanced to the top Wiko Rainbow has a dual SIM slot to carry two phone lines provided above, cards are accepted type Micro SIM.


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