Wiko proposes a solution for users who want to buy a free phone

Wiko returns with a new smartphone that continues to be committed to the traditional concept of the brand: advanced features at a very competitive price. The new model is still within the range Dark, is called Wiko Darknight and how it could not be otherwise works with Android. Its profile puts it halfway between the midrange and high end, with interesting features like a 5 pugladas screen with resolution HD camera, 8 megapixels and processor of four cores. All for 200 euros format free.

Wiko stays true to current trends in the mobile sector, especially the terminals with Android, through which the screen is the protagonist. In this case we have a panel of 5-inch IPS, the usual size in many high-end manufacturers. It is a large area, in which we see the images very clearly, but at the same time is on the edge of functionality and allows relatively comfortable operation even with one hand. The resolution is HD (1,280 x 720 pixels) and its density stays at 294 dots per inch, so the images will have a good level of detail.

Regarding the design is still maintained a line of simple and elegant design with rounded edges and corners for a better grip. The back cover is made from aluminum, finished in dark blue, which adds strength and gives the set value, since it is not unusual to find this material in such an economical terminal. As we said, is a model broad, but the good thing is that they have gotten a pretty balanced weight (139 grams).

The Wiko Darknight integrates two cameras, one on the front for video calls with sensor 2 megapixel and one in the rear. The main camera has a sensor 8 megapixels, as well as large images that produces good results in low light thanks to the BSI technology (BackSide Illumination), although if necessary equips a LED flash. The camera comes with basic functions such as autofocus and face detector, but also has more specific app like magic camera that allows you to delete objects and other actions. Of course the Wiko Darknight records video, and does so in HD720p quality, like its screen.

Wiko Darknight 1

The terminal is well prepared ahead of playback media and on its profile we find support for the following formats: MP3, Midi, AAC, AAC +, AMR, WB-AMR, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, PCM, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, 3GP, MP4 and 3GPP. On the other hand comes with the game Asphalt 7 Heat, which will delight lovers of racing, has FM radio with RDS and 3D sound.

The new model Wiko not short of power and promises a very smooth performance. It houses a processor of quad-core Cortex-A7, working to 1.2 gigahertz and is supported by 1 GB of memory RAM. Clearly it is not the complete picture settings, but more than enough for a device of its range.

As for memory, internal in this case, provides a background of 8 GB for users to store all kinds of files. However, if we subtract the space occupied by the system and installed applications, the total can stay somewhat short. In this case it is best to draw on a memory card MicroSD, and is the Wiko Darknight accepts drives up to 32 GB.

As mentioned earlier, the Wiko Darknight works with mobile system Google, specifically version 4.2.1 Android Jelly Bean. ‘s not the most current release of the platform, but it has some of the most interesting enhancements such Wizard Google Now, the customizable widgets or performance improvement Project Butter makes everything go smoother.

In the same way that any Android smartphone, the Wiko Darknight comes standard with a package of applications installed to allow users to use messaging services, email, navigation and utilities in general. Just connect the terminal Google account, where services are included as configured Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive and Play Store and others.

Having a profile varied connections is an essential aspect of any smartphone worth its salt, and in this case meets the Wiko Darknight. To start features the standard HSPA +-navigate mobile networks 3G at a maximum speed of 21 Mbps If you’re in or near a free hotspot home also allows us to connect to networks WiFi system and WiFi Hotspot becomes and a small portable modem for us to connect other devices. You could not miss the wireless port Bluetooth for sharing files or using accessories, antenna and GPS to use location and find directions. These are the connections without wires, but also have two physical connectors: one for headphones and another for the MicroUSB 2.0.

Autonomy is a crucial point in a smartphone and in this case we found a lithium polymer battery of 2,000 milliamps capacity. Official data show that will be on standby for 216 hours straight, or what is the same, nine days without interruption. On the other hand the duration of use or conversation is 14.6 hours when connected by 2G and even 10.2 hours after the connection is used 3G.


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