The Wiko offers a proposal that stands for price snug and provides interesting features

The Wiko brings us another smartphone aimed at users looking for a full experience at an affordable price. The Wiko Fizz is a smartphone from input range designed for that premiere in advanced telephony or just want an economical terminal, and the terminal costs only 80 euros in free format. In return, we take back a smartphone with 3 G connectivity, four inch screen, dual core processor and 5 megapixel camera. The terminal has a compact, lightweight design and will be available starting on June 12. We tell you all about the new Wiko Fizz.

The Wiko Fizz has a fairly tight dimensions pane, so its handling will be fluid even though we use one hand. The screen is TFT and has four inches diagonally with a resolution WVGA, which is equivalent to 800 x 480 pixels, and has a density of 233 ppi. The touch panel technology is of type capacitive touch soft and records on its surface. However, the downside is that it is not multitouch, but only accepts orders with a finger and can not use certain common gestures.

The design of Wiko Fizz is pretty classic; with a bar form rounded corners and edges to make it more comfortable to hold in hand. The chassis is plastic, has a pretty tight set size and weighs just 122 grams. The terminal will go on sale in the tones, classic black and white.

The Wiko Fizz has two cameras, one in the rear and one on the front for video calls. The main sensor has five megapixels of resolution, allowing imaging with a sufficiently broad to view them on a large screen or print them in an intermediate format size. The lens is accompanied by an LED flash, a key element if you want to take pictures in low light conditions and is usually not found in smartphones as economic. It also carries the firing mode continuous detector of faces and smiles, geo-tagging, color effects, image editor, white balance and record videos FWVGA (864 x 480 pixels).

The rear camera has the hits that the focus is fixed, so we can not choose what part of the image focus, but focus the whole scene and can not get very close to the subject photographed. The front camera resolution is VGA, which is equivalent to 0.3 megapixels. In paragraph media we have a good support for different formats of audio, video and image. It also has a system of dictation and FM radio tuner with stereo sound.

Wiko Fizz1

The Wiko Fizz is a phone with fairly tight performance input range and the processor is a good example of this. The terminal equipped with an embedded dual-core, which runs at 1 GHz clock frequency and is supported by a memory RAM of 512 Mb With this configuration can not ask you to run applications or more complex games, but enough so that we can perform common tasks with relative ease. The internal memory of 4 GB, again a fairly accurate figure will force us to buy a card MicroSD (of 32 Gb max) if you want to store a lot of data and not saturate the capacity of the terminal.

Given that the Wiko Fizz has a modest technical background would have been interesting if it had the latest version of Android, which is optimized to work best in basic phones. Instead Wiko includes Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, delivering a somewhat old but still support all applications Store Google Play and comes with the usual amenities package. Series includes Google applications like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps with Navigation, Hangouts, and Google Chrome Keep among others.

Despite being a basic smartphone, the Wiko Fizz has a connection profile that provides the necessary systems to enjoy the features that any smartphone offers. The Internet is a key point in this case the terminal is equipped with the HSPA that lets you browse mobile networks 3G at a maximum speed of 21 Mbps If you’re in or near a hotspot home WiFi we can also advantage of this connection, in addition to being faster also allows us to save mobile data. Another option related to the Internet connection is to create a WiFi area to benefit from free 3G mobile with another device, such as a tablet or computer. All other connections include a port MicroUSB connector, headphones, Bluetooth 4.0 and antenna GPS. Before closing this section we should mention the system of dual SIM integrating the terminal and can carry two phone lines in the same device.

The Wiko Fizz integrates a battery of 1500 milliamps can endure up to 330 hours on a single charge if it is in sleep mode, the time in use is close to twelve hours. As mentioned earlier, the Wiko Fizz will go on sale from next day June 12 for a price of 80 euros free form in colors black and white.


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