Web services for renting rooms to tourists

Summer is approaching and many people take this time to travel to other countries or cities, with logistical and economic deployment entails. In times of crisis, they seek cheaper flights, and also cheaper alternatives to stay, since, otherwise, the trip may escape from the budget. This need stems savings, on the other hand, a good business opportunity: to offer accommodation for rent room putting leftover us and never used. Some Internet platforms help in this task.

A small solution to the crisis

New ways of traveling involve dispense hotels and find other more personal stay, not only for the cost savings, but also towards building an intimate relationship with the tenant and better understand how to live in the area where you are traveling.

With this boom has emerged in countries like Spain the opportunity for many individuals to have in high season with an economic supplement. It seeks to build rooms that usually are not used, or that are closed during the holidays, for rent to travelers passing through the area. In a country in crisis like ours, but also with great tourist pull, this solution can even be a way to make a living, but you have to know what the law says about this type of economic activities. For now, you should know how each city regulates autonomous community or renting apartments.

The process to get during the summer, or any time of year, the dead spaces regains life, and also gives us money, is simple. There are a number of websites where we can announce our deals specifying the performance of the room and the house in general: since if you dip exclusively for the traveler or air conditioning, even if there are available wifi networks. We must also specify the price, trying to be competitive with the average of the hotels in the area and provide a bank account where they can transfer us.

On the other hand, the service will allow us to upload photos to rent space and text which explain the site, to be geolocated. Once done, enter part of the offer of the city where we are. To do this, we must also pay an amount where we announce the service, which varies from one to another.

Airbnb, Roomorama and 9flats

The following applications are very similar in objectives to provide tourists to travel cheap and different options. And although the most popular by far is Airbnb, the other two are also interesting alternatives for different reasons. Airbnb takes the lead in this sector and is present in almost everyone. It allows enroll in the service easily. One option is to use the Facebook account and, once inside, advertise our rental.

hotel room2

It urges us to define what kind of space we offer and what city, as well as the features and illustrative photographs. It allows us to set flexible prices according to season and covers us with a secure 35,000 euros per room, in case there was considerable damage. Also, the service informs us rental applications that go having. On the other hand, we can accept or reject a rental request if we do not like the profile of the applicant or if more than one candidate.

Although less popular, Roomorama has offers worldwide, functioning and similar to Airbnb guarantees. It is also fast, simple and free offer for a property or room. It also has a system of customer every day of the week. Unlike Airbnb, however, the position is not about us but about the applicant, you will pay a slightly higher price than we propose.

9flats works like their counterparts and also has a wide popularity throughout the world. Also provides insurance coverage for damages of 500,000 euros, but with an excess of 250 euros. Furthermore, the service has its own credit system, by which we receive payment the day after the arrival of the traveler.

Other interesting services

Although less popular and sophisticated, there are other services that may also be of interest at the time to give importance to our offer, either because they are very viewed Sites to view the offer or because Google takes into account the special form.
One is worldwide Apartments directory, list the main properties on offer in the world. Just put the link to our offer to enter into the directory. Wimdu is another great platform car that has 150,000 offers rooms in more than 100 countries. Holiday Lettings claims to have over 60,000 visitors a month and a group of 100 experts selects and relevance to the best deals.

Another service is Rentalo, which at first was only dedicated to the rental of large properties, but has chosen to enter the market for small individuals. In the same vein, you can find Rentalia, holiday rentals site portal Idealista.com.

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