Ways to take advantage of your fiber optic connection  

The fiber to the home (FTTH) is already present in most cities, in both large and in the medium and even many small provincial capitals. In this regard, the efforts of companies like Jazztel, Ono Telephone or has been important works and resources. But what it is worth hiring a service with both bandwidth -100 megabits per second (mbps)- if we are an average user with, in principle, few digital ambitions? “Why do we need so much speed”. This article aims to demonstrate that it can be optimized 100 mbps of FTTH.

1. View HD videos from our devices. The video playback was not initially as successful on the Internet as the music. To explain this phenomenon has always alluded to that need further attention, but also because its activation was slow since they are very large files to be transferred, at least in part, to your computer or tablet. A good bandwidth is critical for the videos to load fluently.

However, as has been increasing bandwidth connections, have increased the number of views, to the point that today most of the bandwidth of the network is dedicated to videos from YouTube and other services. Having a good bandwidth ensures faster loading video and, therefore, immediacy in its reproduction. If the videos are in HD or Ultra HD, the need for bandwidth will be higher for the process fluid. In this sense, nothing is like 100 mbps to not notice latencies.

2. Methods Using image and sound transmission from tablets and smartphones to the TV. Systems WiDi are based on the transfer of high definition files from a computer, or other device to a receiving base – Apple TV or Chromecast, for example, which is connected to a TV. Thus, the video and audio files that actually run on the computer, smartphone or tablet can be seen in HD on the TV. For this process to occur at least 10 mbps theoretical effective-not-without just activity from other devices are needed. That is, there can be no navigating from another mobile or playing online game. But with 100 mbps no problem whatsoever.

3. Playing video games on line. The online video game platforms, both large firms as independent, gradually appear necessary. Players prefer not having to use optical discs or load games on the console, but a platform to access the network and play without delay. Of course, the consumption of this system is great and if you want to fluency and not prevent the rest of the family can check Facebook or watch YouTube videos, the more megs better. The trend in all types of operating systems is that updates are made automatically.

fiber optic connection

4. Having always updated our devices and computers. The trend in all types of operating systems is that updates, both application programs and the operating system itself, are made ​​automatically when connected to a wifi network. Sometimes, tablets and smartphones will be loaded apps, or programs you want to update, such as image editors or office suites, weigh many megabytes. A good connection ensures that a process that could take hours with less megs is dispatched in minutes.

5. Nexflix Login type services. Netflix is the platform of movies and TV shows on-demand Internet par excellence. However, there are already solid alternatives as Filmin and Wuaki.tv. Use them often involves not only play HD video on a computer or tablet, but also pass by the TV WiDi. Without a significant width, the service can be very unstable. Instead, with 100 mbps runs without any problem.

6. Use Spotify Remote with stability. 100 mbps are not required to use Spotify in wifi mode so the TV and stereo main speaker make and manage it sounds remotely from mobile. However, we may be subjected to a flood of interference that will be the higher you lessened our bandwidth. With more Megs, the service will be more stable.

7. Having fixed phone with HD voice. The landline is an object that tends to disappear from our lives, or become irrelevant, unless further developments remedied. The HD voice could be your chance. This technology has not reached its requirement implemented by high bandwidth, but maybe with the fiber could be interesting as added service operators to maintain the fixed connection.

8. Doing with comfort and high definition video from the TV. The videoconferencing via the Internet, in which the speakers are on television screens and increasingly definition, are an increasingly common occurrence among families living separately and also between business delegations. 100 mbps have at our disposal for this purpose allows Telematik meetings differ little from the face.

9. Domestic surveillance systems Use. The surveillance of domestic spaces and places babies quickly, thanks to the falling prices of devices and the use of mobile monitoring applications. These systems work with wireless networks, so it is important that where there are devices from reaching the network. In addition, transfer the recorded content to a hard disk or the “cloud”, so its bandwidth consumption soars.

10. Controlling different home appliances. Although this is a future option, the automation will prevail sooner or later, either comfort or convenience of being more energy efficient as energy becomes more expensive. Therefore, in the future Internet of Things, the bandwidth for the smartphone to communicate with household objects and regulate, or be regulated to between them and the various sensors and thermostats should be great.


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