Ways to get sharpness to your pictures

There are few things in life as a photographer as much as you might obsess achieved perfect sharpness in each of your photos. The search for the perfect clarity is a journey that begins by taking the first photographs, and continues relentlessly camera to camera objective lenses until you manage to master it or you settle and learn to live without it.

Have you ever happened to you that after taking a picture and see it on the screen of the camera you think you’ve taken the best picture ever made, but then lower it to the computer, and see it in a larger size, you begin to notice that magnificent photography perfectly clear, it has lost some of its charm?

Sharpness is not everything, but to master it, is a big step for any photographer to take a quality leap in its photographs. In today’s article we bring you some tips that will help you achieve clarity in all your photos. Are you going to lose?

What is the sharpness?

Before you comment you which are the most practical ways to achieve clarity on each one of your photos, we must clearly define what is:

“Sharpness is a quality of the crisp and clear means clear, clean, well that can be distinguished without confusion”.

A photograph when the object is sharp, the subject or the scene of interest to be photographed are well contrasted, i.e. can be clearly distinguished, they are perfectly focused and well defined. Remember that photography tries to emulate what you see with your own eyes.

From what we just talk to you about is that, sharpness depends on both the approach (definition) and acutance (contrast). These two parameters are essential to achieve maximum sharpness in your photos: but what does everyone?

Acutance: the degree of contrast that can be observed at the boundary between the details of the photograph, which differ in luminance or optical density. That is, to increase the contrast image looks sharper, but beware that if too much contrast, you can end up losing detail.

Focus: we say that an object is in focus when the rays of light “coming” of it, converge (cross) in the focal plane. This means that an object is in focus when the light emitted, passing through the lens is directed towards the focus sensor, i.e. sharp.

The presence or absence of sharpness it depends on what you are trying to communicate with your pictures. Not everything always has to be perfectly clear, but this will depend on where you want to draw attention to your photos or whatever you want to convey the message with these.

There are pictures where the sharpness is not an important factor, as in the photographs seek to capture and transmit motion, but in others, as in the landscape, sharpness becomes a critical factor.

Why is it important to get sharp photos?

Achieve perfect sharpness is not everything, in fact, the great masters of photography could only dream of achieving sharpness that is possible today, thanks to advances in technology and yet have marked the way for all following generations of photographers.

The sharpness helps us to appreciate an image in a “do not bother”. What does this mean? To the human eye sees everything as clear vision and focus is desirable when making a photograph, especially those where you try to highlight a subject over others, this is clear. If not permitted, photography can be very good, but did not reach to be excellent.

Consider the following picture of this beautiful girl meets photographic rules, positioning, framing, pattern, expression, everything is spectacular. But did not notice anything weird at her eyes?

When looking at the small picture, almost no blurring in her eyes (the same happens when you view your photos on the camera screen), which is the most attractive of photography show. Your eyes are a little out of focus, are not entirely clear, what makes a photograph that could be catalogue, just a beautiful picture of a girl.sharpness to your pictures2

So you can achieve the perfect sharpness in your photos, you must become a bit fussy and demanding others. It is a process of continuous improvement, so it will require patience and lots of practice. Leave your comfortable chair and go back to take pictures.

How to get perfectly sharp photos?

Sharpness is not everything, but it helps when you go to get the best results with your photos. As you mentioned in Article 14 tips to portray this Christmas, if you are able to achieve spectacular photos without paying much attention to whether or not they are perfectly crisp, imagine how amazing it will be your pictures when you focus on everything you Worth highlighting quit perfectly clear!

The sharpness in each of your photos depends on many factors, some controllable, such as the focal distance or avoid vibrations, and others with which we must learn to live, such as the limitations of your equipment.


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