Watch Movies and TV Shows Without Geoblocking with UnoTelly

UnoTelly is an intelligent DNS service that lets you stream online TV to your home, on any device and with high streaming speed, bypassing the geo-restrictions. With few words, it’s an online TV service that bypass the geographic location. Also UnoTelly provides access to apps & websites from international destinations.

That’s why there motto is “UnoTelly unlocks TV, film & music from international online channels.

How does UnoTelly work?

UnoTelly offers both a Domain Name Server (DNS) service called UnoDNS, and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) called UnoVPN.


What is UnoDNS?

Every website has a Domain Name ( and an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

  • A website is like a home
  • A domain name is like a home address
  • An IP Address is like a home phone number.

When you type in a website’s domain name into your web browser, your computer finds the matching IP address to locate a website. A DNS (domain name system) server acts like a telephone directory that your computer uses to search for a website’s matching phone number.

Like websites, every computer/device has an assigned IP address that belongs to a particular area. Some U.S and U.K websites block certain regions from accessing their media content. UnoDNS bypasses such geo-blocks by providing you with a local IP address when accessing these websites.

UnoTelly is transparently creating a network tunnel from your location to our servers. Any data not directly related to our supported media content is untouched by UnoTelly and is forwarded directly to theRoot Name Servers.

What is UnoVPN?

A VPN is a remote network of computers linked together over the internet. It allows for a secure browsing experience because it encrypts all of your data as it goes through a private network. This means websites won’t be able to see your IP address and you can access all of their content regardless if it is geo-blocked.

Where can I use UnoTelly?

UnoTelly has several server clusters all over the world. To ensure that you receive the maximum benefit, please see our list of UnoDNS Servers to get the DNS addresses of the servers that are closest to your location.

However, There are a few conditions that might prevent you from using UnoDNS:
If your Internet Service Provider does DNS filtering/censoring (Perform a Free Open DNS test to check this)

  • If your network is restricted such as in a hotel
  • If you are using 3G/4G network
  • If you are using Public Wi-Fi
  • If you are using Satellite Internet. (This works for some people, but not for most.)

You can perform an Open DNS test to verify if our UnoDNS services will work for you or you can sign up for a free trial and try it out!

How do I purchase UnoTelly?

You can try UnoTelly for free for 8 days by signing up for an account. Then, you can choose between our Premium Package ($4.95/month) and our Gold Package ($7.95/month). The only difference is that the Gold Package includes UnoVPN for encrypted browsing on 3G networks.


You can also use UnoVPN to access any geo-blocked U.S and U.K website not yet supported by UnoDNS. You can purchase UnoTelly by visiting Plans and clicking on the type of package you want, and the length of service you will be paying for.

Source: UnoTelly


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