This could be the most wanted Samsung Galaxy S5

The future Samsung Galaxy S5 will come from 2014, but the fact is that at this point has not yet been able to determine an exact date. Some rumors suggest an early release, just in January. Others advocate a coming-out in February, during the Mobile World Congress 2014, but the truth is that it is still difficult to opt for one time or another. The fact is that during the months leading up to this major release, we have not stopped receiving rumors and more rumors related to its data sheet. It is a series of concepts made by expert designers who have been based on the rumors reported to date.

The first concept that we present has a flexible screen, very similar to the registered patent reveals Samsung with screen folds over the edges. It is a concept that has different options for navigation on the edges and buttons to control the volume or access the main applications. It has a 16 megapixel camera and a waterproof metal body and accidental bumps. The battery has a capacity of 3,200 milliamps, far superior to the Samsung Galaxy S4 (2600 milliamps).

The second proposal consists of a housing completely made of metal materials. Do not forget that Samsung has been criticized on many occasions by the plastic shells of the family Galaxy. In this case, this would be a Samsung Galaxy S5 full metal, prepared to resist against harmful elements such as water and dust. Work through an eight-core processor at 2 GHz and would have 4 GB of RAM.

This concept of Samsung Galaxy S5 would be a beast both inside, and out. And it is that apart from having a robust and elegant would have 128 GB of internal memory and brag about the rumored Smart Eye Tracking, a technology capable of detecting eye movement. As if this were not enough, the new smartphone from Samsung premiered Key Lime Pie Android 5.0 operating system, which is unlikely considering how unveils Google new editions of its platform.

Samsung Galaxy S5

What about a Samsung Galaxy S5 ultralight without physical buttons? This is, without doubt, one of the models that could come close to reality. The Super AMOLED screen (whose dimensions have not been specified) spans almost the entire front surface to provide the user a wider space to interact. It has an all-metal design and retains some of the features we have seen in other concepts. On this occasion, however, the obvious physical button disappearing leads to the Home.

In recent weeks you may have read a lot about flexible panels. In fact, Samsung has become the first company that has released a mobile phone with a curved screen. I refer to the Samsung Galaxy Round. That’s why the more daring have come to raise the existence of a Samsung Galaxy S5 flexible. And although the concept could be the most exciting, most likely the arrival of a device of this nature is still far away.

Something similar happens with the folding design. It is a concept designed by MobiLeaks which has a metal body and incorporating a flexible AMOLED screen. It is a very thin phone (has a thickness of only 5.3 mm) that could very easily lead to the pocket.

And this round of concepts was finished with a design of copyright. This is without doubt one of the most successful and sensible. It was designed by Bob Freking, a regular at this kind of concepts. The image you see at the bottom shows a full metal body with a full HD display (1080p) of 5 inches and a processor Exynos 6 (manufactured entirely by Samsung) to eight cores and 64-bit. As recent rumors suggested, has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. The camera is equipped with technology ISOCELL, has a 16 megapixel sensor. These features would need to add a 6x zoom and optical image stabilization, essential in any advanced camera that boasts. It has an integrated lithium ion battery with a capacity of 4,000 milliamps and supports wireless charging. Enjoy finally a water-resistant design.

Apparently the South Korean Samsung has been threatened by something, as some rumors say that the next flagship, the Galaxy S5, would be launching in January 2014. Obviously we have to bear in mind that this rumor may not be true. However, it is not such a crazy idea to think that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has not had the same success of the S3, then so can fix the mistakes throwing the fifth version of the Galaxy S. We also have to bear in mind that Samsung will begin using its new design line in 2014, so it could be a good idea to forward the launch of the S5, brand new design and very well start the year.


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