Want actions to schedule on your mobile?

If you use email at work and you usually wear home assignments, you will surely happen that you had to leave a post in draft for not sending a Sunday… How would you like to have an application that could be programmed shipping for the day and time you want? Think and see how many times that would suit you have a tool like that.

Schemes is one of the apps that will be examined in this report. But we have another, Automate-it, an app that gives us a lot more play if we want to set automatic actions for our smartphone complete them without our intervention at the time. Establish parameters and we can plan, for example, our mobile connectivity wifi disconnects when certain circumstances are met.

QuickProfiles is a very well-thought tool that shortens mobile management processes, as only touch on the profiles (situations) we have designed our smartphone act in the parameters that are configured in each of them.

The fourth application, we have selected for this topic automation function is Volume Butler, a tool that has captivated us so completely that it is excellent and that shows in their management. We can schedule full sound profiles by category, a function that, as we shall see, is in good company in Volume Butler by a series of choices and very practical features.

The apps that we have included in this report have a common area of performance, although each is more specialized in a particular aspect. It is important to be clear about what we want to program before you install any of them on the phone. Worth try.


AutomateIT is an application of the most interesting, because with it we can schedule actions on our smartphone. For more advanced users, this may sound familiar, because you probably already have some settings made on your device, especially alternating the wifi and data. Or have the brightness level of the small screen, to avoid spending energy unnecessarily battery. There are many actions we can establish our terminal, through the Settings menu or settings, but with the application we will now go through all this can lead to a higher grade.


Many times we have come to forget to send an email out of this at the time we wrote it, not to be an appropriate time. We get a reminder, but it is not enough, because the moment that tells us we caught in another task. What if we could set the day and time of sending an email or a sms? It is probably something you’ve never even thought you could do, but there are some specialized application in these actions, and also very easy to use. This application has nothing to do with the complexity of Automate-it, an app that requires knowledge and patience to handle. In contrast, Schemes is simple and suitable for any level of user.

smartphone apps1


We all tend to tasks or activities routinely every day. For example, we got home and connected the phone wifi to connect to your home network and not using our mobile data connection. Or remove the sound when we walked into the library, or activate the bluetooth to get into the car… What if one action we indicated to phone someone all the actions have to do when a certain time comes or when accessing to a particular place? Would you like your phone does not ring when you get home? We have only to so indicate in the profile that we design for the phone when we get home. If we think, is a most useful application.

Volume Butler

Few applications can boast with a mean score of 4.7 on Google Play Store. One of them is Volume Butler, a tool which, despite its name, is not only dedicated to addressing issues of the volume of the phone. It offers many more features. With this excellent program, well designed and successful structure, we will be able to create patterns of operation to be powered either manually or automatically. Normally what we do is set the volume and ring tone, notification and reporting, alarm and activates that profile… when, for example, we get home. But you can also change alone, without us having to do anything, when it recognizes a specific wifi network. This feature is great as download tasks and make us all more comfortable handling the phone. The app has many other functions and configuration options, all of them perfect execution and easy setup.


Another of the most attractive applications to program actions on our team is this. Boomerang provides us with something as simple as to tell Gmail when email: what day and what time. It is a perfect solution for situations that we encounter from time to time and although this tool is not new, yes it is arrival at the Google Play Store as a separate app. Now we can use and manage from your own phone. Their integration with Gmail is perfect and works without any problem, very fluently. Though the entire app is in English, are just two or three functions that manage, apart from settings of the app itself, which is rather small. In spite of its simplicity, this is a tool that will leave installed on your smartphone, by the huge profit that we will provide.


As we have seen, the level of management required for these applications vary widely. Automate-it is an application that we would recommend to anyone for their tremendous potential and possibilities, but not all users are able to configure the actions in this tool. Is complex and very dense, and it requires some patience to understand its workings. We have detailed explanatory guide to understanding how to set the parameters that allow us to get this app, very comprehensive and the most useful to know.

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