How to utilize your Old Smartphone in a proper way

In recent years, the Smartphone technology has practically reached the power of desktop pc’s midrange about 6 years ago. And such rapid progress towards more powerful processors, more complex graphics and retailers, large amounts of memory or RAM on these devices, they do that every year or year and a half the change of terminal is something almost mandatory for those who want to go or less ‘day’. But to focus on our brand new Smartphone straight out of the box, forget that other gave us so much joy in your day, and you can still give. This last reflection I come to speak in this post, since those smartphones still remain, so try to give you some ideas for you to continue enjoying them.

First (being, in my opinion, one of the strong points) we could use as handheld gaming devices. Most existing games in the Play Store and other galleries Apps for Android (admittedly, the most widely used mobile operating system, for nothing…) do not require the last terminal in order to run smoothly. This allows us to get even many hours of play to these terminals no longer use them as such, saving battery in today’s Smartphone.

And Space Problems? It is true that the terminals of two or three years ago came very limited in internal memory, dividing it (usually 4 GB) on 2 GB and 2 GB storage for the system. But another positive for these devices point is that having some time on the market, the tutorials rooteo, roms ‘cooked’ (enhanced by development communities operating systems) or other applications that help us in this task, are quite reported by internet, so a simple search on Google will pave the way for us to get a Smartphone console.

Another important point is emulators that have recently seen the light in the Play Store, where you can find NES emulators, MAME, GameBoy, PlayStation or even Dreamcast! It opens up a very wide range of possibilities when choosing what we want to play. If we get little foodies and do not mind investing a little money in this task to reconvert the old device, we can also find some pads compatible with Android game that will make both the game itself and the grip of the terminal.

Old Smartphone

However, it is still a very viable option for our old terminal, while having video camera (not necessary crowd of Mpx’s for this function) will serve for recording (better if it is in a MicroSD) our routes, mishaps or chores on public roads. Suffice to acquire a support universal suction cup to attach it to the windshield and install an application from the many that exist in the Play Store (free and paid) to put our device to work.

Without leaving the vehicle we can find other functionality to our old terminal. It is as a dedicated GPS. While it will take some more time to get satellite signals, even without a SIM card responds very well in this role. As with the functionality of the dashcam, I recommend using an external memory card to store the maps offline and the device to operate more smoothly. The accuracy does get is awesome. As a recommendation, other than for road trips, if we travel and the city is not entirely known to us, we also find dedicated apps for GPS pocket for walks or paths (city or mountain, that already at your choice).

For functions of GPS Vehicle recommend MapFactor GPS Navigation, besides being free, has a simple and intuitive interface and many points of information at our disposal. For functions of GPS pocket, my recommendation is City Maps 2Go app as it is the highest number of available maps with millions of points of interest and extra features such as recommendations based on our location or Wikipedia articles illustrated with pictures of monuments or places close to our position.

We continue to use more options we can give it to you for Smartphone disused house, and now I recommend you heap up as a surveillance camera. As long as camera and wifi, the device will serve in this function. Simply install an application like IPWebcam, we can monitor everything that is available to our target terminal, both from other Smartphone as from a browser on a PC. Besides the video, we can also get audio, which is already an advantage over some dedicated surveillance cameras that can be found on the market. Yes, I recommend you leave it connected to the mains, the battery because virtually drunk. Perfect for a second home or have watched our pets. I recommend as applications for this use, IP Webcam and IP Cam, two applications that allow us to adjust the resolution, audio quality, fps video, and many other settings to get to get the result we want video surveillance.

To finish and end up with something very basic and obvious, will leave our Smartphone as a media player dedicated, where we can harness the connectivity of our device in case if adquiriésemos few will give bluetooth speakers, or usásemos to play an online channel we would have edited with your favorite songs.

Obviously we could fill the memory card with the music we love and play, but for this, sure we will have some mp3 also in a drawer and forgotten do the same functions. I recommend you to heap up one online platform from the Smartphone (Spotify, Deezer, Grooveshark…) to play your playlist from the client for Android. As with the pad recommended that you use the terminal as console games, there are some stations with speakers-dock connector for the device and that will make us forget to be aware of the level of battery charge.

I hope these ideas will serve as something and recycle all those devices that continue saved, the day will come that the only thing to serve is to continue polluting and contributing to consumerism that is getting used to us. As always I encourage you to try for yourselves all of these options, and leave your comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep abreast of the most interesting news today, and formative pills or more instructional webinars from the web.


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