Using unique applications for your Nokia Lumia camera

Nokia has a package of applications exclusive for Lumia range very comprehensive and interesting, they are also free. Among the entire package of services there are many titles Photographic theme called “lenses” that are directly integrated into the native camera photos of the smartphone. The idea is to combine several functions that allow us to create different effects on our photos, either at the time of making it or for further editing. With applications for Nokia we can change the color, blur the background, crop photos, get contrasting colors and black and white, adjust basic settings or even create animated pictures.

The options are varied and there is a tool for each. These applications are Nokia Creative Studio, a complete image editing suite that offers many editing options. Also this Nokia picture to create panoramic, Nokia Cinemagraph that designs animated images, Glam Me to get handsome in the portraits and Nokia refocus that enables us to play with the approach once again made the photo.

Nokia Creative Studio 

As mentioned, this tool is used to edit the photos once captured. ‘s the only one that is not integrated into the camera like a lens, but we will have to access it as we do any other application. Just open it will tell us that we select a picture album and we can start creating effects.


This first section provides a number of predefined modifications that will change the color, contrast, brightness and other parameters. They are what we commonly call filters. In this case you can choose between eight options with different names like Opal, Amber or Ivory. The names are somewhat confusing, but the good thing is that we can see a preview of actions to choose the ones you like.


The next section of Nokia Creative Studio is the focus, which in turn is divided into two blocks, although the results are very similar. What it does is keep the focus on a portion of the photo and blur the rest. The first option allows you to draw around the part you want to keep in focus and the second option focuses on the point you choose, but does not allow complex selections. You can choose the intensity of the blur to modify the effect.


This block includes two other options in this case it is different. First is Highlight Color, which as its name suggests is used to choose a color you want to highlight in the photograph. But not only highlights, but puts the rest of the image in black and white. The tool erases areas not want color to focus even more attention on the area you want.

Nokia apps photo

In the section gets no other option to configure a collage from several images. We can add a number and fit them as we want to achieve the desired effect. To move, simply hold down on one of them and move or delete it by clicking the X icon, as is done with the windows of the home screen.


This section of the application allows us to modify the basic parameters of the image to create the effect we want to our liking, it would be like making the filters ourselves. From here we can change the color balance, which modifies the temperature and allows us to turn to cold or warm tones. You can also adjust the brightness, clarity (as if an unsharp mask) and the intensity of the color.


Finally there is the correct section, where you can modify the frame with the function Crop and Rotate. ‘s image cropping can be done free, i.e., in the format you want, or even square, very handy for applications like Instagram. One of the drawbacks of this feature is that the frame can only be rotated in steps of 90 ° and can not be adjusted to our liking. The other option allows correction to remove red eye from flash portraits made ​​with a simple touch.

Nokia Panorama 

This feature usually comes built into most cameras of smartphones, but Nokia does so with a separate application. To access this feature simply open the camera and press the button with two arrows in opposite directions, we will find all installed lenses.

As its name suggests, Nokia Panorama allows us to capture panoramic photographs conducting a side scan and covering a much wider area than a normal photo. When we started the panorama we must try to keep the phone in the same position for a few seconds and then go dragging right to match the two circles shown on the screen. If we do well we will complete the entire pan, but if at some point we’re going too fast or lose, the terminal will tell us to go backwards and that no detail is lost. When we finish the software will stitch the images so that the jumps are not noticed, but gives good results if we have bad strange pulse areas in the image.

Nokia Cinemagraph 

This feature is one of the most striking of the entire catalog of photographic applications from Nokia for fun effects are achieved. Its mission is to create an animated image that can save in GIF. What we have to do is take a picture in which there is movement, for example, if several people out waving. During capture must maintain static phone not move. When the image appears with several marked end points are the areas where motion is detected. If you select only one hand of the whole image, this will be the only move while the rest remain static. We can also try to make gestures with your face and then just make your mouth move.

Nokia Glam Me

Nokia recently released this new lens for its camera Lumia whose role is to improve portraits and get out your best. By default the application is configured to auto-pictures with the front camera, but you can also switch to the rear camera. The first thing is to capture the image pass a filter automatically improved, but that’s not all, but we can also add one of the many special effects available. This section is very similar to the filters from Nokia Creative Studio, but also adds some fun to look like our face is on the cover of a magazine.

The tools that change the outcome significantly are in the next section, called I edit features. This menu can enlarge the eyes, improve eye by increasing the contrast, brighten skin, soften the texture, give us a lift, and accentuate smile or whitening teeth. If we spent tweaking these parameters we risk not seem at all to the person in the picture, but all in perspective works well.

Nokia Refocus

We got to the last application of this analysis, Nokia Refocus. This tool is also quite recent and its goal is to change the focus point once the captured photo. What it does is capture multiple photos with different approaches (have to keep the mobile still) and then we can just go changing fingering on the object you want.

Refocus Nokia also has a highlight color mode that works similar to the feature you have seen in Nokia Creative Studio, although in this case we have to recognize that it has given us better results and getting better define each color.


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