Using the tablet as camera is not such a ridiculous idea as it seems

We often see smirks when someone takes his tablet in public to take a picture or record a video. There is even a rather malicious blog on the subject whose name says it all: Look stupid taking Photos with an iPad. But make pictures with a tablet is not always a bad idea.

Although not ideal for use as a camera has important virtues device. The main one is the most obvious: the large size of the screen we see the scene that we will capture. In the same way that many photographers do not give up looking through the viewfinder to frame an SLR camera, the chances of correctly compose a picture increase the greater the screen that we see what we capture.

A rule also applies when editing photos and videos, for despite the growth experienced mobile screens remains a genuine hassle they perform certain tasks, such as riding a video. So in some cases can be a great advantage to capture a series of photos or videos with the same device you are going to edit that material.

That way we save the time of having to transfer images from phone or camera to work comfortably on a big screen, something that is particularly interesting for those who want to quickly publish on the Internet, such as journalists or bloggers.

Using the body as a tripod

The main problem I have a tablet to take a picture is its disastrous ergonomics, which forces us to have to hold with both hands while the device tap the screen to capture the image. One trick to avoid the photos do not leave us bent or moved is to put your finger on the shutter button of the camera application, compose and release when you want to make the picture.

Although it should be noted that if we use an iPad the native camera application not allowed taking pictures in this way, then pressing the fire button starts to shoot photos in burst. But there are many other applications for iPad camera if possible to apply this technique, like Camera + or ProCam 2.

Another important thing is that the chance of a broken tablet runs multiply when we use to capture images. Therefore it is important to use a protective rear cover, preferably rubber, allowing us to hold firmly.

tablet as camera

If we use an iPad, magnetic Apple Smart Cover, which covers only the screen is especially useful for pictures if we combine it with a back cover that supports it. The ease with which we can remove it makes it much easier to take pictures in portrait format.

If we use a sheath that covers both the back and the screen of the device it is better to forget to take vertical pictures, because that kind of covers prevent properly hold the tablet in that position and tend to cover the goal.

Another major drawback of the chambers of the tablets is that they make very poor photos in low light, because the quality of image sensors is typically less than that of a mobile. Also do not usually have flash. So if we want to take pictures at night or in poorly lit interior a good solution is to use a tripod adapter, something that more than one will find it excessive, or use its own body as a tripod.

To do this we must separate the feet with the knees and squeeze our elbows in firmly holding the device. Even if we want to make further stabilize the tablet can hold our breath at the time of photo capture.

We may also use a camera app that has motion stabilization feature. For iPad the two we mentioned above have that option. Although there are many more. In the case of tablets that run on Android recommend using Camera Zoom FX and ProCapture.

The highlight: edit photos and videos

Among the best photo editing apps for iPad and Android tablets is Phototoshop Touch. A smaller version of the popular image editor Adobe is difficult to use in a mobile, but that perfectly handles on a large screen.

For iPad also recommend Filterstorm, an advanced tool that we can achieve completely professional results. Although we can use those that exist for iPhone and Android phones. The best in our opinion for both platforms are Snapseed and VSCOcam. Both are free.

In case you want to edit video on the iPad often advise buy Pinnacle Studio. Although this application is not exactly cheap does not let too much of one computer for quality mounts. Furthermore, although it has many features it is relatively simple to use. We can also choose to edit videos in iMovie, which although less versatile than Pinnacle is standard if we bought the iPad recently.

If we use the Samsung tablet app Video Editor is the best we can find in Android. If you are looking for something similar to Pinnacle Studio for tablets with Google’s system our recommendation is buy VideoPad. There is a free version but the professional costs almost 12 euros.

One last tip for those who do not have a tablet or will they have to renew. In case we use it as a camera is often preferable not to exceed eight inches. We do not say that if we use a larger tablet demos quite singing, but because it is difficult to take something down the street. In addition, any look perfectly how good or how bad is the picture going to do.

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