How to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Android 4.4.2 KitKat

This week knew the news that the official update to Android 4.4.2 for the Samsung Galaxy KitKat Note 3 had started to roll in some countries. In fact, the first to receive users have been Poland. This means that in a few weeks (or even days), the update should be ready for most owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

It is most likely a data packet arrives in a progressive manner to all the equipment and the first to enjoy are users of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 free. Later it could receive all those who have this device attached to an operator. But what you have to do to update your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Android 4.4.2 ? Then we tell you step by step how to incorporate your smartphone the latest official version of icons Google. Here we go!

OPTION 1. Update via Kies. 

Step. Download the software Kies to your computer.

1) Users who have been able to update your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have received the data packet through software Kies. Although this is not the only way by which we will have to get this update. In any case, we recommend (if you have not yet) download this software. It is very important to perform these updates tool, but also to synchronize content of all kinds.

2) First, go to the official website of Samsung. In this space you can download the program for all major operating systems: Windows or Mac. Before you upgrade, you have to know that the correct version is to Kies 3, compatible with all devices, from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (provided it is equipped with the operating system Android 4.3 or higher).

3) The file will download in minutes. When you have it, click on the button Run and the installation will begin immediately. Accept before the terms of the license agreement.

4) The installation will take a few minutes. Wait patiently until it finishes. If desired, you can incorporate the quick start icon on the desktop so it will be more comfortable starting the software. When finished, you can choose to Kies will launch automatically. Click on the button Finish. Started!

Step. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to your computer.

1) The first thing you have to do is connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the computer. Use the USB cable that came in the box or any other equipment that is compatible.

2) It is very possible that nothing connecting the device, it is detected automatically. The software Kies is activated immediately. If not, click the icon you have on the desktop. When the system has detected you will see that the program displays the label Connected.

3) Once connected, the system should inform you of the existence of the update. To see it, go to the section Basic Information. If the data packet Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) are available for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should read as follows: “The update is available”.


Step. Register as a backup.

1) Any update process may have consequences on the device. And although this is not usual, it is necessary that you back up all your files, data and settings. As you already have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 connected, simply tap on the space that Backup.

2) Within this tab, select the option Select all items to save all the files you want to keep the copy. However, if you only want to keep very specific files, select each of the items individually.

3) When you’re done, click on the button Backup. The update process could still take some time, so you’ll have to wait patiently and do not interrupt the process at any time. When you’re done, click on Fill.

Step. The update begins.

1) If you’ve taken all the steps above, we can tell you that your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and is ready to be updated. Just click on the button Download firmware. The data package will begin downloading and then, the update will start.

2) You will see a progress bar that lets you compare how the process is working you appear. Know that the facility can be extended for 30 or 45 minutes. At this point, we want to remind the importance of not block the process at any time.

3) When the installation is complete, select the option OK. You can now disconnect your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 computer. Remember, in any case, need to reboot the phone.

4) The update is finished. When the computer has restarted, you should be able to check what new features are and start enjoying all changes and improvements.

OPTION 2. Update via OTA (Over The Air) or wireless. 

Step. Tuning the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

1) Another interesting option is to allow you to update your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Android 4.4.2 without cables. In this case, you must have some clear points. First, have the battery fully charged equipment, or otherwise, up to 80% of total capacity.

2) You also have to check your connection. To make data downloads major is always advisable to use a WiFi network that gives you stability. On one hand, courts will prevent (fatal at the time of discharge) occur. On the other, you will reduce excessive consumption of data you have contracted with your carrier.

3) Finally, make a backup of all the information that you have stored on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Turn to Step Three for tips on how to easily make it through Kies.

Step. Locate the update.

1) Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is ready, so now you just have to look for the update. It is very possible that you have not yet, but anyway you can go by looking at the section on upgrades.

2) Go to the menu Applications> Settings> About device. By accessing this section you should be informed about the availability of version.

Step. Upgrade the device.

1) If the update is ready, you just have to click on the button  software update. The terminal will be connected immediately to the servers of Samsung. The discharge will last for several minutes.

2) We recommend patiently wait until the download finishes. Do not forget that this process can go on for several minutes. Almost automatically upgrade process will start. Do not interrupt the process at any time.

3) Finally, the system will reboot. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should have all the changes and improvements the upgrade to Android 4.4.2 KitKat.


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