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A universal translator is a common device which is using in many science fiction works especially on teelvision.In 1945 Murray Leinster described for the first time, the translator approaches was to offer an instant translation of any language. The Technology Company is focused to develop a practical Universal Translator for common use in the world.

It is very useful to remove the problem of translating between alien languages unless that problem is essential to the plot. when a new species or culture encountered to translate a new language would consume time especially when a format have a half an hour or hour format .its normally allotted for plot development .Alien races which are able to extrapolate the rules of English from little speech which turn into fluent in it immediately Scientist are looking continue to work towards similar real world technologies involving small number of known languages when a universal translator looking unlikely lack of for telepathy

A Universal translator is instaneous that language has never been recorded; the case of star trek there is sometimes a time delay until the translator can properly work out a translation. a universal translator exist in problematic in film and television production sometimes from a logic prospective .The aliens who still speak English when no universal translator is in documents and all characters seems to hear right translated speech instead of original speech, the ability of speak is possible when direct translation is possible and also require suspension of disbelief when characters mouth move with sync and also with the translated words but not the original language.

The TRADIS atomically translate most comprehensive languages which is written and spoken by using a telepathy field into a language understood by its pilot and all crew members. The field also doing translate what they deliver into a language appropriate for that time and location. For example can say that speaking the appropriate dialect of Latin when in ancient Rome. This system is featured frequently as a main part of the show. The TARDIS and by extension a number of its major system including the translator which are telepathically linked to its pilot. None of this system approach are able to function when the Doctor is incapacitated.


On the TV show Farscape John Crichton is injected with bacteria which are called translator microbes that function like as a sort of Universal Translator. The microbes colonize which is hosts brain stem and can do translate anything spoken to him/her/it which is passing through the translated information to the host’s brain. This does not able to speak others languages, they only can speak their own languages and they can only able to understand by others as long as the possess the microbes. Sometimes microbes also fail to properly slang, translating it litiarally.The microbes also are not able to translate language of the alien pilots because their thousand meaning of their every word and it is too many for the microbes to translate. The MOYA crew has learned the English from their human friend who is John Crichton area being able to communicate with non –implanted populace when the Moya crew visited Earth. There are some species like as Kalish can’t use the translator microbes for their body reacts them. so they must need to learn new language the old fashion way.

The computer game series of the Star Control which almost races are implied to have universal translator. The alien choose the translate in their ways which sometimes crop up and complicate communication. and completed communication. The VUX as having the advance skills in linguistic which are able to translate human language long before humans are capable of doing the same to the VUX.This time has created a problem between Vux and Humans which command starship Captain Rand.

There is a new race which called ORG was introduced in star control. They come from another dimension. The ship’s computer says that there are many vocal anomalies in their language which result come from their referring to concepts. The output is dialogue which is a patchwork of ordinary words and phrases that is mark as asterisk pairs which is indicating that they are loose translation of ORZ concept into human language, a full translation probably require a paragraph long  definition. The Orz which refer to human dimension  like as heavy space and also their own like as pretty space to various catagories of races are as like silly cows. In other way the Supox are a race portrayed as intend to mimic as many aspects of others races language and culture as possible when speak to them.

The K,tang are portrayed like an intellectual inferior species that using advance technology in star control III.They are not able to understand in order to intimidate peoples, explaining why they translate and output is littered with misspellings and non standard usage of words. The Daktaklakpak is slighted and its contains many numbers and expression of mathematical. Their thought possess are inherently too difficulty from human which direct translated into human language as a mathematically way.

The stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis are shown in the television that there was no personal translation devices which is used and most alien and the culture of human on their planets speak English. The director of television who made that put this on the main SGI site and describe that the episode of ten minutes on characters learning a new language .the characters back in time to 3000 B.C. and not any of them teaches English to the people there.

An exception which notable rules are the Goauld who speak their own language occasionally amongst themselves. A translation is given by a third character occasionally The Asgard are shown having their own language which is apparently related to the Norse languages although that is in fact English which is played backwards.


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