Undoubtedly, Sharp LC-70UQ10E is the best option to play of 4K content

In one way or another all manufacturers seek using the 4K claim the attention of users. Of course not all choose to make use of a panel with a native resolution UHD. Sharp is one of those manufacturers through its Quattron Pro technology, a system that seeks to provide a superior picture quality with Full HD and close to 4K UHD. How you get that, its assessment of this technology, assessment of the other sections and other details of interest is what you’ll find on this Sharp TV series analysis UQ10.

Quattron Pro Technology, a commitment to improve the quality of Full HD panels

When we talk about Sharp is impossible to think of a manufacturer with a great experience in manufacturing panels. Without going any further are the ones responsible for the IGZO panels. Therefore, one expects a minimum and quality. Something so overrun offers this series UQ10 Sharp.

Sharp LC-70UQ10E-reviewBut there is something else in these sets and is called Quattron Pro, a technology that involves the addition of a fourth yellow subpixel. Through it seeks its various improvements. The first one is a representation of higher quality color. By having a dedicated yellow pixel, the color space increases and favors the eye the display of items in the scenes that have some dominance of that color or just helping to shape better elements.

In addition, having a subpixel more if a full HD screen has a total of 6,220,800 subpixels, the Sharp offers a total of 8,294,400 subpixels. But these, in turn, are divided into two vertically so we got to 16,588,800 subpixels. There is more information when it comes to represent an image. Of course, this process of adaptation or scaling to generate information for each yellow subpixel depends on the TV system. And with 1080p or 720p content such as video game works fine but with the DTT signal fails to be as effective as expected.

Sharp UQ10 series, image quality

Tucked into slaughter began testing the screen and assess how improved image quality. The first thing we noticed is that the image is brighter, something that is noticeable when the room is bright as we continue to see pretty good image. Of course, we usually use a more subdued lighting when we sat down to enjoy TV and movies.

Regarding sharpness, 1080p content looks great. But see an improvement against a Full HD panel is not easy. You have to stop and have a close reference to do so. But that improvement may not excessively but it is real. In addition, certain images of objects in the scene edges look sharper yellow subpixel to provide more information for our eye, sensitive to changes in brightness, better appreciate the contours.

Therefore, if Quattron Pro apart from looking an improvement over a Full HD panel also aims to provide an experience like 4 K you will to convince and demonstrate to the user is so complicated. After trying several screens UHD me that improvement is not so clear. We do have an additional subpixel that by dividing the pixel and some schemes that “multiply” actual pixels improvements are obtained but becomes dramatic.

Sound Quality

Here if Sharp has managed to integrate an audio system above the average. With two 10W speakers each plus a 15-watt subwoofer, the bass and treble sound is satisfactory. More than other alternatives analyzed. But if we value the experience with a sound bar, but not a high-end model, the Sharp TV system fails the test. One detail that the dimensions of the TV watching could have solved more efficiently.

Smart TV with 4K content and compatibility

The Sharp Smart TV platform allows us to access services such as Youtube, Netflix and other options. Not the most “poor” platforms but it is far from options like Samsung or LG. In addition, removing those menus that can pass through acceptable unit interface is somewhat coarse. So much so that it is neither convenient nor intuitive. It is a problem for less skilled users with all this technology.

sharp-lc-70le857e-vs-samsung-ps-63b680A facelift to the search interface and a more user friendly environment would be a success. That must wait through future updates or product generations. And that is to use the record function on a USB hard drive is somewhat puzzling. All controlled from a traditional remote but we also have the option to do so from a mobile application that can settle. Something that is forgivable because the options of calibration of image and the reproduction of contents 4K support deserve for more advanced users, worthwhile.

Great TV but not for all

The Sharp LC-70UQ1E is a stunning TV. Its 70-inch screen or what is the same, its 177 cm make impact once placed in the living room. Of course that requires us to have a viewing distance of 3 to 4 meters. And there, these improvements Quattron Pro get harder to appreciate. If we value its price compared to other options in the market is true that it is quite attractive. But I see it as an option for any user. If you are looking for a screen such inch 4K is not taken into account. But if not, then there are other options on the market to consider.

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