Undoubtedly, the range Acer Aspire E 14 has a very balanced collection of laptops

The Acer Aspire E 14 is the new mid-range notebooks this Taiwanese brand. A model that seeks to meet the production needs of any user, but still with the leisure and entertainment. And is that its settings different areas while maintaining a 14 inch screen which makes them comfortable for transport and playing movies, and with a TouchPad or mouse digital capable of supporting any type of task. All this is in a variety of colors overwhelming, thinking about the users who want to convey their personality also through their laptop. Here are the details of the technical data and analyze it thoroughly.

The design is one of the strengths of this Acer Aspire E 14. And it seems that the Chinese brand has been concerned about the appearance of both these laptops even more than by what’s inside. This is seen in the variety of colors among which the user can choose: piano black, pearl white, shiny copper, ruby, blue topaz and green jade. All for the hinged lid, that also carries a geometric print that brings a youthful and attractive touch to the overall design.

The remaining lines of these laptops accompany and marry perfectly with the concept that Acer wants to convey. With edges beveled ends and curved, the design is clean and attractive. Moreover, in its widest part, which coincides with the back of the device, barely exceed 3.14 inches in height, reducing up to 2.64 inches at its narrowest point, the front of the notebook. Something that added to its 2.3 or 2.45 kilograms, depending on the configuration, weight make them comfortable computers to carry anywhere.

As for mounting the panels this range of laptops, we must speak of different configurations. Of course, all of them reaching the 14-inch size as well its name indicates and with LED technology in LCD screens. Thus, users that choose any of the Acer Aspire E 14 will have to pay attention to choose a screen touch or not. This means being able to have a panel that recognizes up to 10 points of contact simultaneously, offering all kinds of resources, gestures and management options through the operating system Windows 8.1 that lead inside.

Acer Aspire E 14www

Of course, choosing the configuration touchscreen users only choose panels with a maximum resolution HD capable of displaying images at 1366 x 768 pixels. A good quality for most audiovisual content, but can stay somewhat short for demanding users. And is that Acer also offers combinations Full HD panels in their non-touch for this range Aspire E 14, keeping the same resolution. Along with this the user could also choose between screens with bright image or matte, depending on your needs and tastes. Closes the visual experience technology Zero Air Gap included in these displays, which increases the contrast of the colors and makes the image is visible even in environments with lots of light.

Passing inside, the Acer Aspure E 14 also has different options depending on the needs of each user. Thus, in this range can be found Processors AMD or Intel Core fourth generation. More specifically it is possible to choose between chips Intel Core i5 (1.70 GHz) or Intel Pentium (2.16 GHz). Brains enough to perform almost any task you may raise in their day to day as the power creation and editing documents, media playback, photo editing, etc.. To accompany this power the range Aspire E 14 also has memory RAM of 4 or 8 GB, expandable up to 16 GB maximum. Capacity, if you choose this option maximum, perfect to give fluidity to all applications and programs that run on these laptops.

Meanwhile, all combinations in this range come with hard drives of 500 GB capacity. It is more than OK to save all kinds of content without much concern for its stop in a short space of time with normal use. In addition, you can always use technology AcerCloud2 to provide photographs, videos and documents in the cloud and access them from any device with applications. The best option is to maintain a good collection of any such content.

The entire range Acer Aspire E 14 comes with the operating system Windows 8.1. The latest version of this operating system of Microsoft which has its characteristic place where start menu shortcuts to access all applications. And, by reaching Store Windows Store, the user has thousands of applications available to meet your needs information, of entertainment, of photography, of health, etc.. All this with the basic tools that already has Windows 8.1 such as calculator, weather information, relevant news and a host more.

In addition, the brand Acer wants its users to find these fully functional portable since it first started, so come with own applications installed. Tools like Acer Remote Files to access files stored on other computers or devices, Acer pictures to edit and retouch images, Documents Acer to create text files or consult or Multimedia Ask to play videos and movies.


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