From Ultima Online to Titanfall, a review of the online games

We love video games. Today they are already part of our day to day: they are on consoles, mobile … There are all kinds and can even play with people all over the world and. Something that seems very normal, but until we got to where we are now we’ve come a long way. With the release of Titanfall, the last great game online, we do a review of the history of online gaming. Where we are, where we come from? Technology as equals we explain a story forty years where the pace of development has been frenetic.

The first steps: those early games online

It was 1974; before the Internet existed as such in the prestigious MIT university began to develop the first online game in history Mazewar. Multiplayer title where roamed a maze with the goal of eliminating the other players.

It was a proof of concept and in later years were springing up similar games in 1985 came a role game called Island Kesmai. It was the first commercial video game massive online game. The connections were very expensive then and play an hour had a cost of $ 12. As the game progressed in other directions where experience if connection is focused more on the world famous Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Double Dragon … They had no online capabilities but some could play with other people using other control.

However, these romantic online games did not give up and as the internet games also improved during the nineties came several games like Neverwinter Nights Original dating from 1991. Play cost six dollars an hour in the U.S. and became a phenomenon. Online games remained a niche for the fans of the role until in 1997 became a title that changed everything: Ultima Online. The nostalgic still remember fondly: a virtual world in which we could do everything: trade, go on adventures, and create our own community … this was the starting point to begin to become popular.

Laying the category: World of Warcraft phenomenon

The developers saw the interest in online gaming was increasing and the computers began to reach title attractive as Counter Strike or Unreal Tournament. In addition, domestic internet connections were improving and get broadband to change everything.

In the computers was evolving faster and the consoles of that generation (Playstation 2, Xbox vs GameCube) had to wait for their new sisters in order to be able to make the leap online. Of course, when they did a few years ago their impact was amazing.

Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii included for the purpose, a simple way to play online for consoles. This meant the final popularization of online gaming and made us all just to show that this scene was not only role and swords, was also sport, action, platforms…

The current status: a way over which all enjoy

In times where we are now, the online game has settled to the point that specific tournaments are held. All the great games of this generation introduced online modes and in many cases have become an important part of the experience. Think of the Call of Duty and Battlefield: introduce a short history of a few hours but then the essence and fun is found online. With the experience of all these years we have managed to create fun games and you are able to hook hours.

That said, it seems that the world of online gaming lives closely tied to consoles and computers. However, it is also present in other devices such as mobile or tablet that has not played any time to Apalabrados or Triviados? Differently, but still a game online.
Titanfall, the new benchmark online game

March 2014, has been 40 years since the first game online. The landscape has changed a lot since then and when compared with Titanfall differences are obvious but the latter is no more than an evolution of all those who bet big on this trend to put in place it is now. Titanfall has been developed by two of the creative minds of the saga Call of Duty that after leaving Activision, Electronic Arts recovered them to make a new franchise. Its strong point is the online mode but we are not at the typical shooting game in first person, his ambition is greater.

The game puts you in the role of a number of agile soldiers who must perform a series of missions. In addition to running around and move with great freedom we can ride on robots, Titan, to help us fight the enemy and achieve our goal. I mean, we have two completely different ways to play: either within or mechanized robots in fights with our soldier moving on all sides. What strategy is best for us? We will be those who choose the path.

A few weeks ago we were able to prove through a beta program that enabled Microsoft and feelings were very good. All indications are that the next big game genre. Intense combat, able to communicate with other players in real time to coordinate strategies … We have much to do and we can also customize its character and robot in many ways. Want to make it before anyone else? Make for the game along with Xbox One to enjoy to the fullest.


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