The two upcoming video game consoles PS4 & Xbox One

Sony and Microsoft are preparing for the launch of their new generation of consoles this month: the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The competition between the two giants of the game promises to be fierce, indeed already is before launch. The quantum leap in both systems is more than evident and the two manufacturers have put all eggs in one basket with their new products. Many users are already loyal fans a platform and have no doubt about which console to buy. But for the undecided things are complicated because both consoles offer benefits actually advanced.

The two manufacturers have opted to include very powerful processors that can move more complex games from the graphic point of view. Both opt for AMD chip that unifies the CPU and the GPU. In the case of PS4 are talking about an eight-core Jaguar AMD and manufactured with the process of 28 nanometers.

The choice of Redmond is a custom chip that also has eight cores. The notable difference is the graph, although the two have a AMD Radeon, if you look the GPU of the PS4 has 1,152 cores or shaders, while that of the Xbox 768 One runs on shaders. We will have to see these two beasts in gear to see if it really is difference in favor of the PS4 is as remarkable in practice as it is in the theory.

Turning to the section of memory the PS4 again take the prize by offering an eight Gb GDDR5 RAM, while its competitor is GDDR3, but again this difference as large on paper, in practice it may not be as noticeable as it seems. Both models will come standard with an integrated hard drive 500 GB, more than enough space to store game data, and download titles from their respective platforms.


Sony has done a good job redesigning the control DualShock because it is not limited to changing their appearance, but includes new interesting features. The command of the PlayStation 4 comes with a touch pad to control the characters and other functions, also wears a motion sensor and LED bar that provides information on each player and also about the game. This accessory comes included in the retail package of the console, but there are other parts that can be purchased separately as the PlayStation Camera that lets you control games with gestures and movements.

Each console works with its own online environment, on the one hand this PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.. These platforms allow us to download new games, share achievements, rent movies, play online and more. In the case of system PS4, Sony has included new systems such as service learning our tastes for recommending content. It also features the new function Share (with command button DualShock included) and can play while performing a download in the background. The service premium PlayStation Plus offers some free games from time to time-for now will be available Driveclub and Resogun – and offers one GB of cloud storage. One of the most interesting features of the PlayStation 4 is the option of using the PS Vita as a second screen. Through this system you can control the PS4 games through the handheld and even continue playing from another location.

Meanwhile the Xbox platform has Xbox Live subscription and premium Xbox Live Gold. The suite of Microsoft online offers other advantages such as the use of branded services as for example to make video calls on Skype, use the cloud SkyDrive account and even download applications from the marketplace. The new console those in Redmond also allows you to configure the home screen of Windows 8 style and allows two tasks at once by dividing the screen, such as listening to music and playing. Finally the concept of second screen possible on Xbox One, but is much more limited. Through a smartphone or tablet with the application SmartGlass can control some aspects of the system, but can not handle games.

The quantity and quality of the games are the turning point that will shift the balance in either direction. In this area there are many draws because most titles are available on both platforms. But every company reserves some exclusive and here Sony plays with some advantage. Meanwhile Microsoft also has some exclusive games Halo 5, Titanfall, Ryse, Quantum Break or Dead Rising 3 among others. However studies that develop the most popular games for both systems do. We talked about titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed: Black flag, FIFA 14 or Metal Gear Solid V.

The Xbox One plays with the disadvantage of costing 100 euros more expensive than its opponent. For 500 euros we got the console, a controller, the Kinect 2, headphones, cable HDMI cable and power. The console Microsoft will advance one week and will be in stores on November 22.


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