The two terminals LG G Pro 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have actually same potential in their performance

Long ago the phablets ceased to be minority devices and increasingly more options are available in the market. LG has just officially announced the new LG G Pro 2, a model with 5.9 inch screen and very advanced features. It highlights its camera with recording videos 4K, the powerful processor and its design with the buttons on the back, in addition to the functions which adds LG.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the heavyweights in this category, and takes the concept of tablet phone to a new level with the addition of the stylus. The big man from Samsung has interesting features and a technical profile as advanced. Let’s compare these two smartphones.

If the screen size was the only point to be analyzed, the LG G Pro 2 win the battle with its panel of 5.9 inches compared to 5.7 inches from its opponent. Both have HD resolution, so that the density of LG G Pro 2 is smaller. We also note that the panel of Note 3 is Super AMOLED and the LG G Pro 2 is IPS LCD.

Both models have an attractive polished design lines, although in the case of the LG G Pro 2 simplicity becomes even greater. The terminal has a curious detail is that the volume buttons are on the rear of the chassis, leaving the sides completely clear, although it is unclear if it is more convenient to operate. LG’s new toy is also larger and heavier, although the two coincide in the same thickness is 8.3 mm. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a simple, but adds detail to l imitation leather back cover, which gives a different twist like a notebook.

On the camera are both pretty even, with a main 13 megapixel sensor, ready to capture pictures in low light and with a stabilizer that minimizes tremors. They are also one of the few terminals that can record video in 4K resolution and videos in slow to reduce the resolution to 120 frames per second camera. Each manufacturer will bring its functions as in the case of Samsung Best Photo, Animated Pictures, Sound & Shot, Dual Camera shot or Drama. For LG, there is a system that manages flash with more natural tone, Magic Focus and flash for self-portraits. The two have LED flash, autofocus and a front camera for video calls from 2 megapixel.

Both LG and Samsung intend to experience higher quality audio enhancement systems to get more volume and clarity. It also supports a good variety of formats so there is no problems when playing a video, song, see a picture or read a document.


The two make up a chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core at a similar frequency (2.26 Ghz and 2.3 Ghz LG in Note 3), but also the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is available in a version with a processor eight cores, consisting of two quad-core chips working alternately. Both have 3G of RAM. Regarding the internal memory and both are available in two versions with different capacities, 16-32 Gb for LG G Pro 2 and 32-64 Gb for Note 3 expandable to 64 Gb Extra MicroSD card.

Again there is a tie in the operating system, and the two have KitKat as Android 4.4 platform. In this sense are equal, but the functions provided by each manufacturer will break the tie in favor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The combination of the stylus with the full package of features makes it a much more complete tool for work and entertainment. In fact, it is the phablet that actually justifies the presence of a large screen. The Note 3 is a notebook or drawing, but also allows us to operate the device in a more dynamic way with functions such as Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screem Pen Write or Window. Besides there are other systems like Play Group to share files, the Smart functions, the voice assistant voice S or S Translator smart translator.

Meanwhile LG adds fewer features, but very practical. One of them is called Mini View and facilitates the handling of the device with one hand, which is necessary in such a large terminal. It also features improved security Content Lock, Knock Code to unlock the device and easily Dual Browser that allows you to divide the screen and browse two websites at the same time.

As it could not be otherwise, the two terminals can be connected to mobile networks 4 G to enjoy much higher speeds, but also are compatible with 3 G and WiFi. The GPS antenna, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, DLNA and basic physical connections (MicroUSB and headphone minijack) could not miss it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 adds an infrared port and WiFi Direct system.

Both come with a lithium battery of 3,200 milliamps, but for now there’s only official data on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The duration of the terminal in use reach 21 hours, while 420 hours lengthen rest.

The two terminals are high that offer very high performance, noting especially the option to record 4K video and slow motion. Both are powerful, have large, clear screens and connection profiles is varied. Exclusive features are what tip the scales in favor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which also come with the stylus, have a huge package features that enhance the user experience. In addition, the terminal takes several months on the market and its price has dropped around 540 euros when it hits stores LG will have a higher cost, at least initially.


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