Two models of the Philips 900 Series include services Smart TV for users to enjoy online content

They are two high-range televisions and are part of the advantageous 900 series of the Dutch firm Philips. Both TVs are now composing the brand new Philips and Philips 65PFL9708/12 84PFL9708/12. The first features a 65-inch screen diagonal and the second boasts a vast panel of 84 inches, with metric sizes of 165 and 213 inches, respectively. As You Can see in the pictures, are compounds TVs to LCD panels finest, whose operating system is the LED backlight combined with a system of local control areas has been christened Micro Dimming Pro.

But one of the biggest advantages of this pair of televisions has to do with the ability 4K. And both offer the user the ability to reproduce images in resolution 4K Ultra HD, capable of reaching 3840 x 2160 pixels. To this we must add advantageous feature lighting capacity of 450 cd/m2. But this is not all, because how could it be otherwise; both models are ready to show images in 3D (three dimensional) system due to its passive 3D, with three pairs of polarized glasses to find inside the package. It should also be noted that Philips has equipped these TVs with the best technologies to produce images of high quality, which means that we will see great moving scenes more vivid and natural colors with a high contrast. Also, thanks to advanced Ambilight XL, viewers will see reduced eye strain after several hours watching television.

As for the sound, we can speak of two different systems for each of the models. The team of 65-inch includes 2.1 channels with a final potential of 27 watts for the audio output. This is compensated with 15 watts for each front speaker and remaining 6 watts for the subwoofer. The TV of 84 inches has a 2.2 channel system with two front and two 25 watt 20 watt subwoofers each. In the end, this is a team of 90 watts.

Perfectly equipped for connectivity, both TVs are compatible with the technology Miracast WiFi, so users can play all kinds of content (movies, pictures, music…) from any computer or mobile device including smartphones and tablets. In fact, this pair of Philips TVs also includes direct access to services like Skype to make voice and video calls from the comfort of the couch and the advanced system of Smart TV for access to thousands of exclusive online content.

All these advantages have to add an important drawback: the price. And it is that, since the high-end TVs, we see that the amount coming to the market will not be available to all budgets. Currently only we can purchase them in some shops for around 4,000 euros for the Philips 65PFL9708S/12 and 15,000 euros for the Philips 84PFL9708S/12.


As it could not be otherwise, the new Philips 9000 Series wins many integers in the design section. As large high-end TVs, both models (both Philips 84PFL9708S/12 as Philips 65PFL9708S/12) are manufactured with sophisticated and luxurious materials such as the aluminum or steel. This means that in addition to a new and modern design, will fit right into any room to look, with each and every one of its elements, a touch of class.

They work, in addition, through the Ambilight technology on three sides XL, which means that they will be able to adapt to the color of the wall and set up the mode of ambient lighting depending on the colors that appear on the scene. This technology has been developed to protect users from prolonged exposure TV without having their visual health be affected. It is present in more pointers of Philips TVs and certainly also in the 900 series.

The Philips 84PFL9708S/12 has dimensions of 42.9 mm in depth, 1136 mm high and 1918 mm long. It weighs about 77 kilos with the included stand. The smallest model, named Philips 65PFL9708S/12, however, has a depth of 45.5 mm, measured 855 mm high and has a length of 1,467 mm. its weight reached 39.5 kilos.

The two TVs that make the Philips 900 Series are developed with technology LCD with LED backlight and an aspect ratio of 16:9. Both are ready to reproduce images in high resolution 4K Ultra HD, estimated at 3840 by 2160 pixels. With quite high lighting, 450 candelas per square meter include various technologies that allow users to truly enjoy sharp images. In this sense we speak of advanced technologies to improve the image, such as the prestigious Motor Ultra Pixel Precise HD.

This is the technology that brings the TV the shocking resolution 4K Ultra HD, especially when it comes to usable viewing action movies, sporting events and generally content with lots of movement and color. To achieve this, this technology uses darker blacks and brighter whites, which results in more vivid colors and excellent intensity images. This technology would be equally valid if we try to visualize Ultra HD native content or videos online.

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