The TVs in the world, with LED screens and increasingly large

A few weeks after its inception, the World Cup will generate frenzy among fans, as always happens every four years, and with a television audience that will be watching the performance of selected Brazilian lands. And at this point of contact are TV manufacturers and user interest by choosing the best option to follow the games of the Cup.

Since the World Cup in South Africa, televisions have undergone various changes, which were the rage for 3D technology to models with Internet access. Some exclusive versions were also launched, with larger 85-inch screens, while the LED technology is positioned as the dominant choice in the market. Amidst all this tide of terms and trends, detailed below a list of features and functions that are present in the local market.


The technology of LED is the dominant large among televisions available in the market. Compared to its predecessor, the LCD, these models consume between 20 and 30 percent less energy, are thinner and generate less heat.

The sizes start from 32 inches, but most manufacturers offer in Argentina focuses on models over 42 inches. Regarding the resolution, Full HD definition 1920 by 1080 pixels, is present in almost all current TVs on the market. There are also models with higher resolutions, calls UHDV or 4K screens with resolution 3840 by 2160 pixels, but with prices starting from 100,000 pesos.

3D Technology

It was the anger of previous seasons, driven movies like Avatar and the interests of the content industry to promote this type of format. However, interest waned, and is present in the latest models of TV as an additional function, away from the prominence it once had years ago.

The 3D should not be a determining role when choosing a new TV. In fact, it is a feature that is usually not uncomfortable and too short in the transmission of a football match, but it adapts very well to movies that exploit this technology.

Smart TV

The TV stopped being dumb boxes and equipment became thin, ideal for environments where it seeks to optimize space. And after 3D, manufacturers stationed itself to the Smart functions. What is this about? Called smart TVs, are models that allow access to the Internet and various associated functions, such as the use of applications for news, update social networks and view content via online streaming services such as Netflix and Crackle, among others. In addition to Wi-Fi models available on the market usually have wireless via Bluetooth, and allow the connection of multiple devices to the TV screen.

Its configuration makes small computers turn into a giant; capable of offering various Internet service displays. Here, the recommendation is based on user needs: a Smart TV offers the convenience of using various integrated services online, but is much more expensive than standard models.

Alternatives to Smart TV

If the budget is not enough, not everything is about Smart TV. Standard models (with LED, thin screens, but no internet connection) have HDMI connectors support connection of a laptop or desktop to browse the Web or watch a series or movie streaming.

For an additional cost of $ 35 to $ 100 can be transformed to standard screens Smart TVs by devices like the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. There are also various connectors, more economical, as Chromecast of Google or the Roku Streaming Stick. One drawback: many of these accessories are not yet available in the country.


On the side of the manufacturer, the stakes are focused on larger screens, with dimensions, often above 50 inches. They also seek to emphasize the Football Mode, a feature that can enhance the transmission of the matches without. In addition, there are more models that seek to go beyond Full HD resolution with or 4K UHD TV.


Its commitment to the format model Smart TV with 3D feature and 50-inch screen. It has integrated Netflix service and Skype is Full HD and comes with two pairs of 3D glasses.


It has two models on the market, a 50 inch and a $ 18,399 42 $ 8,799.


The South Korean company has two models, the LA6600 TV with Smart features, and available in 55 ($ 26,599), 47 ($ 18,459) and 42 ($ 13,299) inches. The Smart model of LG in líneaLA8600 comes in 60 and 70 inches is the top model of the company, and is available at $ 57,599 on 70-inch, and $ 34,599 on 60.


It has two models, one 39-inch Full HD to $ 6,899 and a 50-inch 3D Full HD Smart, to $ 18,199.


It has three lines of televisions, the 4100 Series with a standard 50-inch model, while the 7000 and 8008 Series models are Smart, 47 and 55 inches, respectively. The 8000 Series is $ 29,999, while the 7000 and 4100 series are $ 22,999 and $ 15,999, respectively.


RCA has two models available in the Smart TV line, one of 40 inches and another of 46 inches, which is $ 9,699.


Its outstanding model is the 50F5000 Samsung LED TV, 50 inch and Football Mode function, to 13,999 pesos.


The Japanese company also highlights two models in its line: one is the BRAVIA 3D KDL-50W805B, with 50-inch screen to $ 17,999, and the other is the LED 4K 3D, 65-inch 4K to $ 96,999.

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