The TV Samsung H8000 is really an interesting option to enjoy the latest technologies in Full HD

Samsung was the first manufacturer to commercialize that can become the TVs of the future for the living room. The curved TV H8000 joins the company an attractive, thin design with a viewing experience more immersive and enveloping. These teams have quality Full HD and incorporate the latest developments in connectivity and Smart TV. Some of the most interesting features are the ability to split the screen in various applications that act together or a new panel of trends for the latest tweets related to popular television programs. We also noticed the new premium control; it takes to move through menus Samsung to a new level. The configurations of Samsung H8000 models are available in 48 inches, 55 inch and 65 inch. We tell you all the details in depth analysis.

The curved TV Samsung H8000 uses a resolution of Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels to display content in high definition. Although in recent months the 4K had been the undisputed star in the arrival of new high-end TVs, the technologies included Samsung on these computers allow us to enjoy a very rich experience. The teams H8000 incorporate a high refresh rate of 1000 Hz for sharper images. In addition, through technology Auto Depth Enhancer get a similar 3D effect without glasses TV. And the powerful image processor Quad Core + is able to analyze the scenes, enhance the contrast of the elements that are in the foreground and attenuate the contrast from those in the background, so that a greater depth is achieved in the images. Moreover, with Wide Color Enhancer Plus more vivid and realistic colors shown.

In the field of 3D, these TVs use Active glasses to enhance this effect. Although this is a feature that has lost a lot of weight equipment Samsung offer good quality in this type of content. We also have 2D to 3D converter which is not an alternative to native films, but it can offer good moments of entertainment.

Without doubt one of the great innovations of this year is the launch of the first commercial television curved to the general public. This is a response to the tendency of users to purchase TVs growing format (last year and the average stood at 46 inches). This trend has not been matched by increasing the size of the rooms, so it is becoming necessary to have more creative answers to this demand. Besides reducing the space required, the curved TVs Samsung are designed trying to get closer to the way our vision works, so create a more natural viewing experience.

samsung h8000 tv

Another aspect that has worked in the Korean company is mounting on the wall, an option that many customers demand. The support is through the side of the television, not in the central area. The end result is that these curved TV stand just a little over an inch to the planes teams last year. So we can install the device on the wall without constituting a nuisance. The formats available for this range are 48 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches.

Few doubt today that Samsung has to offer more complete and mature on Smart TV. The company has taken another major step forward this year with the addition of several new features and other improvements. But before you jump right into the intelligent features, we should mention the new command premium brand. This device with an attractive curved design is an evolution in the management of menus and apps, thanks to the presence of a screen pointer that works via Bluetooth. Stroke is agile and precise, and need not be pointed directly at screen. While voice control is very intuitive, it still has a long way to go to control through gestures (although it has also taken a major step forward in getting necessary move only one hand and not the whole arm as the last year).

One of the main novelties of this year’s Multi Screen Dual Link. This feature allows you to divide the screen into two and display the contents of a channel while in the right application opens with related content. For example, we may be seeing the series “The Mentalist” and open in the right browser. Automatically search results will be sought under this program. The same is true for example if we open on the right platform YouTube. Panel also highlights the new trends, which allows us to dive into the most popular programs in the network (those receiving a greater number of tweets). Through this panel, we can display statistics on the age groups who comment this content or the difference between men and women. In addition, we also have the ability to access the list of recent tweets related.

It is year of world, and the Taiwanese company did not want to stay hanging in the specific characteristics that have deployed many of the manufacturers. Users can enjoy a football so specific that automatically changes the settings on the TV to hear ambient sound more powerful. This mode also allows the automatic recording of the most important moments of the match or the ability to zoom and n a given area in order to better display a controversial play.

Another feature that is deployed is a new panel of specific games. Through this website with a visual design you will enter different titles that can be played through the traditional command, control premium or even mobile. Indeed, the company continues to promote the use of mobile devices through features like Screen Mirroring (to view live mobile content on TV) or a dedicated application of the mark to display the contents of the TV to your smartphone or tablet. Finally, we would stress the use of a dual tuner, so that for example can be watching one channel while recording another is performed.

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