TV Buying Guide: What’s the Smart TV and what can I do with it?

What are the Smart TVs like? What do they do exactly? Today we resolve any doubts that you may understand perfectly all its virtues, which are many. We are talking about the systems of Smart TV. One of the most interesting technologies in recent years and is already changing the way we watch television.

What is a Smart TV?

Although Smart TV is a trade name, is a term used to describe all those TVs that have an operating system within the TV. We’re talking about a graphical environment such as a computer, with windows, options and applications. It also has network connection to our Internet home. It is either through an ethernet cable or using the WiFi connectivity.. That is, in the same way that our, mobile and tablet computers are connected.

Today, many manufacturers make up the Smart TV system in their latest TV. It is not only in the top end but more modest specifications and economic models. Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Sony… all the major brands have them. So that we’re clear, a Smart TV is to put a kind of operating system on TV (like we have on mobile or computer) to use applications, connect to the Internet and from these two variables do a lot of different things which we explain below.

How I can use a Smart TV?

Today there are two ways to use a Smart TV. The easiest is to simply have a TV that supports it. To find out what comes with it and what not, just have to look at the TV specifications and find the corresponding label. Usually identified as Smart TV comes but some manufacturers such as Panasonic, choose names as Viera. As mentioned before, almost all televisions sold today have the TV and Smart system except small 20-inch monitors for the kitchen or bedroom; it will be difficult to find one that does not. Still, when you go to buy it do not forget to watch the full record.

Do we have a TV and have no plans to renew it soon? Its okay, you can also enjoy a Smart TV system. All you need is an accessory that has it inside. There are many options: Sound bar, Blu-Ray players or small boxes that connect to HDMI and allow us to enjoy the same experience without renewing television. Again: look at good label of these products to see whether it will implement it.

What can I do with a Smart TV?

It is time to address the big question of the Smart TV: its real usefulness. We have explained that it is an operating system with applications but what can be done today with a TV like this? There are many options, depending on the ecosystem of applications for each brand. Let the general features, what we can do with them all. The most remarkable thing is we have a web browser, such as computer, allowing us to visit any website.

Smart TV

We can also see our favorite YouTube videos, do video conferencing via Skype (if your TV has built-in camera) and even watch our favorite social networks while we watch TV. Something had to serve to have such a big screen, is it right?

Besides all this, there is an ecosystem of comprehensive applications on each TV. From games to smaller contents of private channels as Canal Cocina, Eurosport, etc. The chains also open, where we can see content they have already issued at any time, as the application of RTVE. It is also interesting because we can enjoy services on demand shows and movies such as Wuaki Filmin and TV. Have questions about Smart TV’s? Do not hesitate to ask or check the items that we have created on this topic.

Turn your TV into a Smart TV step by step

You just buy a flat screen TV or are you happy with that purchased a while ago, but want to get more out of your TV. Sure you’re aware of the new generation of the new concept of Smart TV, in addition to a better quality of picture and sound offers the ability to surf the Internet, share what you like and access exclusive content. In this step we show you how to convert your existing TV into a Smart TV.

The LG brand has just released their Smarty Tv Box. With this device, measuring just 11 × 11 cm you will enjoy this new television experience. Only you need your TV has an HDMI input and wifi router to give you internet connection. These initial data provide a quality of this new device: discretion, you just need a cable.

Plug the Smarty Tv Box to your TV via the HDMI cable and accessed from the menu on your device. The next step is to configure the wifi signal input, which depends on the model of router you have at home, but the process is the same as when you connect a computer or mobile phone. Once you do this you will have Internet on your TV.

Surf the web; access your email, check the weather or Google maps, get videos from Youtube. Share what you’re watching on social networks, chat with your friends on Facebook or send your tweets. Everything is from the sofa of your House via the remote.

Access to exclusive services brands have prepared for Smart TV users. Currently chains like Antena 3, TV3 and Terra already offer these Contents related and will soon LaSexta. You can also enjoy the music of the 40th vTuner. In addition, LG offers a video online with a large range of films.

If you have a phone that supports DNLA connection you can connect to your device and view multimedia files on TV, like everything you have on your computer wirelessly.


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