Tricks to recharge the battery faster

As we always say, overall Android users, we have almost an obsession with the battery life of our smartphone or our tablet, and the intensive use of the devices, coupled with some applications that usually consume a lot of energy, undermines the autonomy battery equipment and the real nightmare begins when we were with a low battery away from home or work, so the chances of charging equipment are almost nil. Also more than one it has happened to us that we may have forgotten to load our phone, and just when you leave home in a hurry, we note that the energy level is minimal, making us into a kind of despair.

But the truth is that we must not despair, because fortunately there are a number of tricks you can implement on those occasions, in order to significantly accelerate battery charging smartphone or tablet. Precisely, then we share with you some these tricks, it’s always good to have them present.

Use a software accelerator

An excellent choice for use in the cases described above is the use of some software that can speed up the process of charging the battery from the Android team. In this case, one of the most recommended is Asus Ai Charger, whose function primarily is focused on forcing the device to deliver a higher amperage electric current through the USB ports on the computer. Thus, it allows charging the phone so really fast. The good news is that although it has been developed by Asus, can be used without any problem in devices from other brands, and it is free. If you are interested, you can download Asus Ai Charger this link.

Use a charger with higher amperage

One of the best ideas that we have to speed up load times our phone or tablet is to acquire a higher amperage charger to the device. Despite what many may think the fact of using a charger with higher amperage not means that the device will explode or burn. However, because each team is different, ideally before using this option is to consult the user manual of the device in question, since there we find the necessary information to know what the real maximum amperage that supports the team.

Using load accelerator

A very good option that currently offers aftermarket for smartphone and tablet devices are load acceleration, which usually have a value of approximately $ 20. In this sense, one of the most used gadget Android users usually ChargerDr., a peripheral that has the small size of a small USB flash drive, and performs load through the USB port of your phone or tablet. Due to increases the power receiving equipment, the speed of the load is substantially higher. You can find more information on the official manufacturer ChargerDr., at this link.

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Disconnect Wi-Fi or activate Airplane Mode

One of the common tricks to load the Android device resides quickest way to temporarily disconnect the device connection to Wi-Fi. Consider that in this way, to override the exchange of data, we can get a much faster charge the device. Of course, maybe we can not do without it even for a second Wi-Fi, so another option is to turn on Airplane mode. Thus, all unnecessary connections from the phone or tablet is off, but still connected.

Avoid USB charging

Although the load of the device through the USB port in the case of the tablet, connecting directly to the PC is one of the most comfortable ways to charge the battery from the computer, we must also bear in mind that it is much slower. In general, it is important to remember that a USB 2.0 port provides a load of 0.5 amps, while a traditional charger transmits the load with at least 1 amp, i.e. double. In the event that the connection on the USB port is the only option, then it is recommended to use USB 3.0 ports, allowing a load of 0.9 amps of current.

Optimization and alert

Finally, it is also useful to have always presented some options that allow us to optimize the battery life of the equipment, as well as the use of an application to issue an alert whenever the device’s battery is running low. A good choice for this is Alert Charger, tool to detect low energy level beeps to notify us that we should charge the phone or tablet. This application is free and can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

Beware of scams

The world is full of people looking for your benefit deceive illegally, and no app store seems to escape this maximum. Surely more than one occasion, when looking on Google Play software surely we have encountered with any app that promises to refresh our battery technically impossible by any procedure. Of course, to realize that we must have some knowledge in electronics or how devices work. Unfortunately, most users do not have them and fall in installing this type of software solutions in the shortest cases are just a trap unsuspecting hunters.

One of these delusions is Faster Charger, which promises to charge the battery up to 30 percent faster than the traditional device driving voltages. Of course it does not do what it promises. Also Wi-Fi Charger is another app that tells any network using Wi-Fi to charge the device using the residual energy of these. Of course it’s another trap. Another such deception, perhaps the most ridiculous of all is Solar Charger, says transform your device into a solar panel, and through this method, charging the phone or tablet quickly and safely. However, the application that takes the cake is Shake Charger, which promises to charge the computer just shake it, because it uses the kinetic energy of our movements to achieve our goal. If only it were possible!


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