Tricks of Dropbox to get the most out of it

Dropbox is brilliant, but also can improve a lot if you add some extras to make it an essential service in your day to day. With these additions will be easier to share your files, access them and strengthen their security, to make it a SuperDropbox.

Synchronize Dropbox in one click

One of the great strengths of Dropbox is the ease to synchronize files between multiple devices. To do so, just copy a particular file to the Dropbox folder on your computer. So even something as simple as that can be improved!

To synchronize a file in Dropbox, it is only necessary to copy this file to the Dropbox folder on your computer and from there will automatically synchronize with the cloud storage and from there to other devices linked to your Dropbox account. To perform this synchronization need to copy and paste the file in your Dropbox folder. With Dropbox Folder Sync, which we’ve already talked about earlier, you need not waste time moving files, since you can sync any folder from your computer.

The first step is to install the program and link it to your Dropbox. After downloading, install it on your computer. During installation, you must also install Juntion, a supplement that will create a symbolic link to your Dropbox. Without synchronization it would be impossible. When you ask for permission to install it, click on Agree. Then check the box Launch Dropbox Folder Sync and click on Finish.

Sync your Dropbox folders

When installation is complete, connect Dropbox Folder Sync your Dropbox folder. In the configuration dialog, which you can access whenever you want from the menu Start your Windows, select the location of your Dropbox folder. If you have not changed your default location, the program will detect it automatically. If you moved to a different location, click on Change and set the new location.

If you want, you can create a new folder in your Dropbox here and store all files you sync with this method. To do this, set that folder as a destination in the settings box Dropbox Folder Sync. Click OK to accept the changes. Now click with the right mouse button on any folder you want to sync with Dropbox. Dropbox Folder Sync select the entry, and then Sync with Dropbox.

The program tells you that you have successfully created the link synchronization, a copy of your Dropbox folder is created and an arrow on the folder icon, indicating that it is linked to another location. Everything is modified in that folder will automatically change in your twin Dropbox. If you want to break the link between the two folders, then clicks the right mouse button on it and select the entry Unsync with Dropbox.

Double Your Dropbox

If you are someone who has already discovered the benefits of Dropbox and have decided to also use it for your work, maybe you are in the situation of having two (or more) Dropbox accounts. With Dropbox Portable AHK You can use them simultaneously!

As you know, Dropbox is not possible to manage both accounts from the same computer, unless you make use of the web version of it, which is not very comfortable. With Dropbox Portable AHK You can simultaneously use multiple accounts from the same computer or bring your Dropbox folder with you always.

The only requirement is that both folders do not coincide in the same directory to avoid creating conflicts. Therefore, the current moves Dropbox folder to another location. Click the Dropbox icon in the system tray next to the clock, and click on the gear in the upper right corner. Choose the option Preferences. In the box that appears, go to the tab Account and click Move.


Install Dropbox Portable AHK

Now that you’ve moved the folder of your Dropbox account, proceed to install the new folder. Download Dropbox Portable AHK from their website. Then unzip and move the content downloaded to the location where you want to create the folder in the new account file. For example, My Documents. Then double click on the file you’ll find DropboxPortableAHK.exe inside.

Then the wizard will guide you through the installation and configuration program starts. If you have successfully detected the language, click Next. Otherwise, select the correct language from the dropdown Language.

Then come the turn of the Internet connection. If you have successfully connected automatically, click on Next. Otherwise, click on the button + enter connection parameters and click on Test Connection to confirm that the settings are correct.

After this, set the location of the future Dropbox folder. The program uses relative paths to the executable file Dropbox Portable AHK. Therefore, if you want the Dropbox folder is created in the same directory as the Dropbox Portable AHK folder, type the path.. \ Dropbox in the field. Just below you will see the exact location on your computer.

Configure Dropbox Portable AHK supplements

During the wizard, in step -ons, you need to set some parameters. For example, you can check the box Make SyncAndGo is the default action. The mode SyncAndGo Dropbox synchronizes files from that account only upon request of the user, then the synchronization is disabled. This prevents Dropbox is constantly consuming computer resources. Especially considering that this computer has already installed an account syncs automatically. If your computer has enough power, you can leave this option unchecked.

You can also delay the onset of Dropbox when you start Windows, thus preventing the collapse login. It indicates how many seconds should be delayed its start in the box. When finished, continue with next step jumps and User Applications.

Now, download the installation files from official Dropbox to install later. Click on the button Download files dropbox and select the color of the icon that will be assigned to this account. This will facilitate the identification of the account as icons have different colors. Continue with Next.

The last step is to install the official Dropbox program. Click on Start Dropbox settings, enter the new account and let the program install everything you need. When finished, click on Finish to close the wizard and both accounts will be operational simultaneously.

Increase the security of your Dropbox

Dropbox encrypts files that are stored on their servers to ensure that no one can access your data. But, despite having activated the security of Dropbox, as we show in this step by step, never hurts to also secure your own.

With Cloudfogger you can easily encrypt sensitive files from your Dropbox folder and can be used as platform for Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iOS. Download the program from here and install it on your computer. When finished, start Cloudfogger.

First, you need to create an account Cloudfogger. Check the box Create a free account and use all features and click on Next. Then enter the login information required to create the account. Then select the folders you want to encrypt. Click on Protect another folder and select one you already have created in Dropbox. Later you can add or remove these encrypted folders. Continue with Next. If you go to files with another user Cloudfogger share, enter your email address and setup continues with Next. Finally, click on Finish to exit the wizard.

Encryption and decryption of files

With Cloudfogger you can encrypt and decrypt files in two different ways. The first is automatic. Simply copy the file you want to encrypt the Dropbox folder that you specified during installation. All files in that folder will be encrypted for all users and computers, except for the devices you have installed and you’ve identified Cloudfogger.

At first glance, from the Explorad or Windows computer that does not seem to happen anything, since you can see the files in that folder normally. But if you agree to that same folder in Dropbox from another computer that has installed Cloudfogger or the web version of Dropbox, you’ll notice that all files are encrypted.

Another way to encrypt files, we do it from the right mouse button. Click the right mouse button on the file or folder you want to encrypt and select the entry Cloudfogger. Then select Frogg file (s) and the file icon will change appearance and encrypted.


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