Tricks for your Android phone run much faster

The vast majority of performance problems, the crashes and poor fluidity of modern phones is because their owners often forget the importance of proper maintenance of the mobile newspaper. For very low-end that is a smartphone, if we take care of and if we know their limits we can get performance that falls short of what you would expect from a modern phone.

And so, on this occasion we are going to focus on the simplest tricks that we can apply to speed up the operation of a mobile with Android. While there are other methods to add more vitality to a mobile operating system, we know that these are processes that are not available with the expertise of the vast majority of users. Therefore, let us focus on the simplest tips that anyone can apply after reading this tutorial.

Tricks for our Android phone run faster

Tip # 1. Wipe cache.

Temporary files are one of the main causes of crashes and erratic operation of any current phone. Something as simple as cleaning the cache of a mobile with Android usually solve most of the problems of fluidity of a smart phone, so it is a task that should perform quite often especially if you own a mobile lower-middle range.

The easiest way to clear the cache of the mobile goes through downloading and installing an application, for example, Clean Master. This is a very simple application that includes a menu of options that allow us to clear both cache and temporary files from your mobile. The application is available for free download under this link:

Tip # 2. Uninstalling applications you no longer use.

What serves us build applications that we did not make the one hundred percent? Applications that do not already use not only take up space on the internal memory of the phone, but can also overload the processor because some of them are executed in the background. That is, although we have closed an application for weeks, the same application can continue running in the background without us being aware of it.

Therefore, it is best to delete the applications you no longer use. To do this we simply enter the application settings our mobile and, once inside, we must go to the option “Apps” (or “Application Manager” in other versions of the operating system). From this screen you can completely remove all the applications you no longer use.

Tip # 3. Install all updates.

The operating system updates throwing manufacturers often have the goal to solve the faults are detected users in a particular model of mobile phone. Although sometimes these updates bring certain problems, it is best to install them as soon as previously at the user reviews that have been able to try them. In this way we guarantee that our mobile is the latest as far as maintenance is concerned.

To install an update on a smartphone should simply go to the application settings and then enter the option of “About phone”. From here we will see an option similar to “name System Update”, and that is the section in which we get to update our phone. This same advice applies to the applications themselves, which receive regular updates designed to improve performance.


Tip # 4. Close applications running in the background.

In the operating system Android, there are hundreds of applications that are constantly running in the background, occupying most of the available performance mobile. Applications like Facebook, Viber, Twitter or even some games running in the background even though we are not using, so it is best to close them manually to avoid two things: excessive loss of performance and battery consumption.

To close an application that runs in the background we enter the application settings and, once inside, we have to enter the section “Application Manager”. From here we will see all the applications installed on our mobile; click on the application you want to close and finally, press the button of “Force close”.

Applications that make your android faster

Flying (and carpets do too) brooms, honesty in politics, applications that can make your phone run faster. Guess, guess, what do they have in common? They either do not work or do so for as short a period of time not compensated (Try not believe me if I broom from the window of the sixth floor).

Well, why start an article with such bullshit? Because when distributed wit I was doing pee, and I managed with what was left when I returned illustrating such an absurdly exaggerated form is quite clear the credit they grant to the miraculous applications that promise that your phone will run much faster. But that is nothing more than a pretty elaborate lie.

As we all know, Android system is a general audience as to make use of it, and every day makes a harder on this issue, more and more people with less knowledge using our green little robot. However, while for the market, growth and ensure the future of Android this is very good, also implies that the profiteers out there people have less specialized, and therefore worse than defend these attacks…

The problem

The technology of mobile operating systems is constantly evolving and the applications that run on them. This usually ends up causing problems with slow devices, as they decided to keep trying the latest and newest, without worrying about what we have. Android is also a problem because the process management system will allow many of them remain open simultaneously, carrying the memory and processor.

What does this mean? It means that as new services and applications are installed on your phone, and as you’re running from the moment you turn it on, every time we go noticing (as occurs in a desktop) that slows slightly to go more and more being uploaded.

The, solution?

Several developers offer panaceas that we solve the problem in one fell swoop, cleaning the cache system applications and processes and freeing RAM (as do, for example, task-killer). Well, do they work? The truth is that not much. Whilst it is true that a release of cache at a given time can accelerate our phone, the most influential factor on phone’s performance is the proper build of the operating system combined with the services that run simultaneously on he, like the launcher, go no further.

That is, we can find that at one point releasing the cache and uninstalling an application or another launcher and get a change of our system run faster. However, the only difference you’ll notice, for what really allows our phone is its processor run, and that does not change, so what we actually do is find a software solution well adapted to the characteristics of our hardware, to squeeze everything we can. Also, on the task-killer, even Google itself has already indicated on occasion that are not a good idea, because the processes that the system remains open remain in that state for some reason, is not a fad at random and it is important for the balance of system performance that we allow all “run its course”.

So, if you want a helpful tip about, let yourselves of miracle and task-killer application, and instead you Inverted few minutes to find a ROM that fits what you are going to require your phone. And you, what do you think? Do you work the task-killer? Have you opted for a change of ROM?


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