Top travel Softwares and a guide to use them smartly in 2014

Cloud technology is behind the overall growth and productivity of a lot of companies. So, if you are in travel business, cloud based travel software can help you manage your business efficiently. Right from planning holidays for your clients to expense refund, you will be able to manage everything successfully. Only few years before it was beyond imagination that multitasks would be handled at a time.


However, cloud based travel software has completely transformed the travel business by providing contracts, operations and distribution management system for travel providers along with end-to-end travel reservations.

Benefits of using travel software

Businesses use cloud based travel software as efficient resource to.

  • Balance use of infrastructure flexibly to fit into the changing business needs
  • Save cost of owning the IT department
  • Perform computing resource demanding operations
  • Store data reliably so that it can be recovered in adverse conditions
  • Helps accelerate market time because the ready-to-use computing infrastructure is offered on cloud

One of the best things about using cloud-based travel software is that any file that you save here is saved on the web site which is well protected with a specific user name and password. Seeing the advantages of implementing travel software many companies have started using it so that the system eases the life of both, the provider and the customer in travel business. Today’s travel software enables you to travel smartly, spend sensibly and get remembered faster.

Special features of travel software

  • The features of travel software is not restricted to managing internal as well as external source products for selling for a single person or as a package.
  • It helps in efficiently using a central reservation system to manage back office operations and bookings as well as customer relationship management and accounting, all with the help of single software.
  • The selling of software can be done through web, call centers, web services, travel stores, external agencies and social networks.
  • It helps facilitate easy and fast travel process
  • You can upgrade the software consistently without purchasing any additional infrastructure.

Benefits to the business owners

Business owners flourish with the help of travel software because it helps them to:

  • Manage revenues
  • Provide free support and upgrades for the customers
  • Carry online registrations and payments
  • Reduce the cost of manual back up operations because everything is automatic
  • There is no need to purchase any additional hardware
  • The level of customer satisfaction gets enhanced
  • Efficiency increases
  • Location is independent
  • System can be installed easily and quickly
  • Boosts up partnership
  • Improves employees efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduces upfront costs
  • Manages common tasks successfully
  • New developments and enhancements are rolled out speedily
  • Offers business resiliency

A guide to use travel software smartly in 2014

Now you must be aware that travel software increases revenues and sales of businesses in travel industry. However, if you are a user you should learn how to make use of the software smartly so that you get maximum advantage and efficient output as well. Just keep in mind that your travel business should have a service-oriented architecture so that cloud based travel software functions effectively and seamlessly.

travel agencies

The travel software that you choose should be able to:

  • Stick to your business’s travel policies to plan trips and putting forward expenses
  • Have control on your travel
  • Manage your travel along with expenses with ease so that you get sufficient time to pay attention to other business goals.
  • Understand your corporate compliance standards, preferred travel supplies, booking policies and expense limits.
  • Enter and put forward receipts and expense reports anywhere and anytime so that faster approval and payment is achieved.

To summarize you can say that cloud based travel software works as a catalyst for the overall growth and development of businesses in travel industry. If you have proper knowledge of how to make use of the software effectively, you will be able to get the most of the software. The above details would work as a guide to use them smartly in 2014 so that you can manage, sell and provide excellent service to your customers.


Main contributor of this article: Sanjay Kumar Negi



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