Top 5 Software for converting HTML to PDF

HTML file format is difficult to share over different web browsers and hence you require changing your web files into PDF format so that you are able to make full use of your documents. PDF file format is legally approved as it leaves an electronic signature every time a change is made in them. PDF files can be created easily and hence they are so popular among enterprises for exchanging documents. In order to get best results, you should get the best online html to pdf converter.

Why to convert HTML to PDF

HTML to PDF conversion provides incredible ease to users and enhances the functionality of these documents. PDF files can be created easily and do not require any additional software or hardware to operate. It does not interfere with functioning of your device. This format helps you share large files with incredible ease.

You can simply upload your file to the best converter and get your PDF copy. The error rate of conversion of these files is reduced if we use reliable conversion software. You can simply convert your web page into a pdf document without much trouble. Simply download our best converter, install, and follow the steps prescribed.


Now upload the file to be converted and save the PDF version you get after the conversion process is completed. This format comes with numerous other benefits that have made this format so popular worldwide.

This article provides you an understanding of this process and gives you an insight about the Top 5 software for converting HTML to PDF.

PDF Crowd

It is the one of the most popular converter and an API code is available for error free and continuous integration of conversion of useful documents. You can simply copy URL for conversion and this feature makes it a smarter conversion choice. You can also convert HTML file to zip, tar.bz2 and tar.gz archives.

Expert PDF

It is a professional PDF creator and PDF write tool. You can instantly create a PDF out of any document you are working on and send in a secure format. This converter allows you to edit and modify your PDF files as easily as you can edit your Microsoft word documents. After you convert HTML to PDF, you can go ahead with conversion of the pdf into word document with similar ease.


One online conversion tool captures URL from the web (the live ones with no password protection) and converts the same into PDF format directly. If you simply copy the text and paste it into text editor, this converter will allow you convert the same into PDF format without any further processing. This tool allows you t convert both static and dynamic web pages.


A dedicated online tool masters the HTML to PDF conversion process and provides 100% results. You can simply drag the URL you intend to convert from your browser to your bookmark bar. You can simply integrate this smart tool to your website for better and efficient results.


It has an easy to integrate PDF button and carries out conversion through email facility. You can send this email to the intended user in a portable document format. The process of conversion is extremely swift and you instantly receive the mail containing the converted file.

It is important that you chose the best conversion software so that you get the desired results. You can also go through customer reviews for better opinion. This will also help you in making a wiser decision in favor of the security and functionality of your documents.


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