Tips to increase ranking of your keywords in search engines

Search engines like Google are becoming smarter day by day so the methods to bring your keywords in the first page of search engines are also becoming outdated. You need to be updated and use the latest strategies to rank better than your competitors in search engines. Google releases manual and automatic updates such as panda that harm the ranking of low quality websites so first important thing is quality and awesome content that gets the attention of users. Google dis-values the links coming to your site from the thin and low quality sites so you need a good link building plan for building links that increase your ranking.

2015 is almost gone and new year 2016 is coming and the strategies we are using becoming outdated so here are some methods you must use to increase the ranking of your keywords in search engines in 2016.

1. Social Media Signals:
Social media has become an important signal for search engines and Google gives boost to sites, which have great presence in social media websites. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn bring relevant traffic to your website and that traffic helps you increase your brand authority and natural links. So if you are creating a value in social media through your brand, links are also building naturally. That is a big win for your website and will help you get a great traffic from search engines too. And there are many tools that makes a lot of things easier for internet marketers, so use them to save time in social media and search engine optimization.

2. Backlinks from Authority Websites:
Links are still important and always will be but the quality of links matter today more than ever. Getting links from top websites around your niche is very important so get the high quality links that send you a good amount of referral traffic and Google will count them as strong signals. A good amount of high quality links with branded and non branded keywords to your website over an amount of time, help Google to understand your website.

3. On Page Optimization:
A website should be optimized for both search engines and users. So it becomes pretty important to create awesome interlinking between the posts, amazing navigation menu, high quality title and descriptions tags, alt tags etc. These things are very important so that search engines can give value to an optimized website in their search engines results.

4. Good Hosting and Website Speed:
Website speed is a ranking signal and users also love the fast loading website. So it becomes really important to choose the best server to host your website and optimize the whole website on regular basis to speed it up. Using content delivery network, server cache, optimizing the images are some important things for building a fast website. A fast website ranks better in search engines result pages.

5. Mobile Optimization:
Mobile is the new way of communicating with your customers and a mobile optimized website is a must for ranking better in search engines. If your website is optimized for mobile viewers that is a strong signal to Google, counts as a vote and Google reward the mobile optimized website in its SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

So what are you waiting for. Let’s use these tips and grow the presence of your business in search engines. Have any question, let’s ask in comments.

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