Tips to save Android battery for Beginners

What do all the smartphones in common? That the battery dies in a flash-plas. Today we give several tips and tricks to prevent the battery runs out so soon and you can use your phone all day and night. Learn how to save battery life of your smartphone with our Android tricks for beginners.

I, for example, I always find the same situation every weekend: I want to party on Friday and when I leave the house I find the battery to less than 50% because I used the phone all day. Sure, I know when I walk out the door, I will start to call people, write messages, etc.. Finally, in 15 minutes my smartphone warns me that the battery is less than 20% and what do I do now? We all know that Murphy works against us when we have little battery in our smartphone. It knows that the battery is low and you make all your friends will start calling, writing WhatsApps absurd, messages, writing for the Facebook chat, etc.. Total, that is neither 1 and has run like mobile useless.

What can we do to save our smartphone battery?

Well, one option is to download applications for the battery saving. I have one, but to tell you the 100% honest, I do not notice much difference. Sure, the smartphone screen type also plays a very important, as the paper size.

The batteries of Smartphones usually last, usually just one day. So do not worry if you see that you bought a smartphone and you run the battery in less than a day. Do not think you have loaded wrong the first time or whatever. To save battery power, we should turn off all the functions that we are using and only turn them on when going to use. The energy saving appliances are based on basically this: you hit a button and you close all applications that are running and could not be closed because you are using.

The functions that normally require more battery are the accelerometer, WiFi, GPS, camera flash, Bluetooth 2.1, the brightness of the screens, the synchronization feature, the Facebook app, typing on the keyboard, etc..

Tips to save battery

  • Avoid being locking and unlocking your phone all the time. The lock and unlock the phone consumes a lot of battery.
  • Put the phone depending on when tickets go to sleep. This saves battery and also avoids being woken at dawn with calls or messages. It is also true for when you go to take a good nap. Do not worry, the alarm or clock keeps running.
  • The accelerometer is typically used to change the orientation of the mobile screen when the orientation of the phone changes. This feature can be disabled in Settings / Display / swivel screen.
  • Enter only necessary Internet. Search for WiFi or 3G networks is often one of the factors plus mobile battery. Especially when you have poor coverage and you want to connect to the Internet, the cost of the battery will be much worse.


  • WiFi and Bluetooth are the main culprit of the battery is spent in zero point and usually leave these two burning functions because we forgot to turn them off or because we always have the feeling that we will need on the street. Not always have WiFi, not always, we want to connect to the Internet or have to send anything via Bluetooth. So it is better to have these features and will light off when you want to use. These functions are turned on and off very easily from the Android notification bar.
  • The GPS function also should be off at all times, until you want to use it because it wastes a lot of battery. It can be disabled and enabled from the Android notification bar.
  • The camera flash is another cause of battery depletion. Avoid taking pictures with flash, flash only restricts the times we are in very dark locations or the lighting conditions we are inadequate.
  • The brightness of the screens could put it to a minimum or nearly minimum. Usually, the brightness is automatically adjusted according to the usually light incident on the screen, but it would be nice adjust at minimum brightness and the screen turns off in a period of 10 seconds.
  • You can restrict the frequency with which you receive notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.. Instead of every half hour, you can put every hour or every two hours.
  • The Auto Sync feature can be turned off when you are not in a data network or when you’re sleeping.
  • Write messages or use the keyboard can be fatal to the battery if you have the sound vibration or pulsation assets. Disable these options as soon as possible and see the difference.

Other tips for healthy battery of your mobile

  • The first time you load the mobile is exactly like any other, do not give it more importance.
  • Do not wait for the battery to discharge to charge. Charge whenever you can and whenever you have time.
  • No need to turn off the phone to upload. It is useless because it has no effect.
  • Always use the charger for your phone, you came factory. Other officers may not use other chargers amperage and can spoil the battery.
  • Try not to charge your phone by connecting it to the USB cable to the PC. This way does not load as well as the plug flow and reduces the life of the battery. The PC does not have enough to charge your phone properly and only official magazine of the brand ensures you a healthy life for the battery power of your smartphone.

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