Tips to Make Better Pictures with Your Mobile Phone

The answer has almost always been the same: “Nothing is comparable to an SLR”. Of course, you’re right. Nothing will ever resemble the sensations produced grab a camera with both hands, rotate the lens focusing ring or choose the focal, pull the trigger, the small vibration of the mirrors to get up … But that does not mean we have to lock ourselves just take pictures if we advertised “good” hand.

You may give me less image quality, it’s true. But it also gives me some freedom and spontaneity that sometimes it is impossible to get with a regular photo camera. Do you want to give a try? Got better images with your smartphone?

Forget that’s a Mobile

In the time you need to take a photo and all you have is your mobile phone, forget that what you have is a smartphone is a camera. The camera you have at hand. Do not think that your picture “worth less” by the fact that it was conducted with a mobile. To get really good pictures with a smartphone, the first thing you have to do is take it seriously.

The situation and ask yourself if you were doing the best photo of your life with the best camera on the market: think about what you want to get the picture, do you want to tell. Searching for the best composition (follow the rules or break them as you are interested), come in or out to get (flees flatly, the digital zoom. All you get with it will be lost-even-image quality). And speaking of image quality: it is true; maybe your camera phone does not have the best definition of the world. But in case there is more worthwhile to capture that image that struck you make to stop by “not having a decent camera?”. If all you have is a camera phone, then the phone camera is the best camera in the world. Take it.

Also, leverages its features

It is a small, light, quiet and very discreet device. Also, you can manipulate it with one hand (although it is always advisable to grab it with both hands, for more stability). Certainly there are many compact cameras on the market that meet all these features, but there is something that is 100% smartphone field: if you stand in the middle of the street to look at your phone, no one will notice you.

No one will know if you’re reading an important message or’re shooting. If you have the gift of discretion, you can make very good pictures without anyone noticing (remember, though, to silence the phone or at least remove the noise of shutter they usually do when the picture is taken and, especially, to turn off the flash!). Take advantage of all these characteristics of the camera you’re holding features; sure there are pictures that could only be made with the discretion that gives you a mobile phone.

Have a Quick Access to the House

It is absolutely necessary, if you can take the camera to a single click, either. If you can access it even with the phone locked, even better. Having quick access to the camera function, will be very useful when the slightest delay may prevent you from taking that photo you wanted to do. We have made clear that using the smartphone camera is fine, among others, by the immediacy of having “photographic equipment” as you need it. If you have hidden in menus and other applications camera … Where is the immediacy?

The Good, If Simple, Good Twice

This is another feature to take pictures with mobile phone:. Everything becomes very simple if you are used to shooting in manual or semi-automatic with an SLR, the fact of using the mobile phone camera can drive you to despair because , although there are applications to control a bit more the firing process, in most cases all (or almost all) is fully automated.

This can be a disadvantage, but what if we use it as an advantage? Try to simplify the act of making pictures. This may be another way to experience photography: worrying, only, of the composition, the time or place to take the picture.

Mobile Phone camera

Well you know that going to the House Use

It is one of the latest tips to take better photos with a mobile phone, but the most important. Absolutely essential to know the team that you will work: how you react to difficult lighting situations, how long it takes to take a picture, how the flash works…

It is related to this: learn, too, to control exposure and focus. Most smartphones with touch screen can do so by directly touching the area we’re interested in. There are also applications that you can extend the control options.

Anyway, it is very important to make sure that the image is properly focused and exposed, because given the small dynamic range usually have these cameras and image definition is achieved with these, a small detail overexpose Photo can lead to losing the image completely.


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