Tips to keep in mind when choosing a tablet

When deciding to purchase a tablet is a key definition, as once was the case with the purchase of a computer. What was used? There then begins a series of responses that have as many uses consignee people worldwide.

If you carry them anywhere is a priority, it is best to buy a tablet with 7 or 8 inches, as this reduces its weight: some weigh less than half a kilo, as happens with Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, just over 300 grams, like the latest iPad mini. They are not limited to: the second generation of Google Nexus has the same weight and Acer Iconia just over 400 grams.

However, the weight and portability are not the only conditions: that is as complete as possible is what customers want. And that means not only work well: they also have all kinds of connections available, and have shop applications as complete as possible. In that sense, some models do not include the possibility of including an external memory card to expand capacity (such as iPad and Nexus), USB port or flash cameras (same as an iPad mini in its different versions, for example). In general, smaller teams usually include all the connectors.

Another item to consider is the battery life. One of the best in this regard is the Lenovo Yoga tablet 8 inch longer sold in the country: can reach 18 hours of autonomy. Depending on the model, other tablets can last for 6 hours, so if you want it to have to go look for one that can overcome that autonomy. Some examples? According to the site, specializing in product reviews, the Galaxy Tab Pro 4, and the Lenovo IdeaTab A8-50, both with Android operating system, which can reach 13 hours.


Just one important item will be the OS of different tablets. Apple will offer its latest version (iOS 8) from the iPad 2 onwards. In the case of Android, while the latter is the 4.4 operating system (Android and L in our spring), not all tablets come with that version. Having the latest version ensures access all application updates and the latest innovations in the software (camera features, improvements, etc). The availability of KitKat or Android L for a given model depends on the manufacturer; should be consulted if what plans house. Those who are already confirmed for L are the Nexus Android tablets.


When have the same programs in the office, tablets with Windows imposing its RT version, which comes with pre installed office suite: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Models with Windows 8 are conventional, strictly speaking, a PC, so they can use any application available. The latest tablet from Microsoft, the Surface Pro 3, the released directly as “the PC that is being encouraged Tablet” and it works just like two things: it is a powerful computer that can be used as a touch device. But it is not the only one that works well: the Dell Venue Pro 11 is an example of “convertible” team, while the Asus Transformer Book online even encouraged to combine Android and Windows under one roof.

For those using a tablet with Android or iOS, the ability to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations is also using the same Microsoft Office (free to view files, pay for editing) or multiple free choices made by others to see and edit that file type.


While there is much discussion about this, the important thing here is that everything in the flow tablet best: the speed of transitions, how applications perform and above all how they work that many games for these devices. In Android, dual-core chip and 1GB of RAM should be the minimum; Windows, an Atom and 2GB of RAM.

Some tablets come with some benefits that others do not possess. To cut costs there are models that bring no front camera, others that bring GPS and are those that are compatible with 3G networks and can carry a cell phone chip to use a data plan when wifi is not around. In Argentina, some tablets have DTV tuners, while others, more curious are waterproof, such as Tablet Sony Xperia Z.

All tablets bring WiFi so the internal storage space, in some cases, is relative: many things will be consumed via streaming and need not have much space. Sure, except that you want to bring “up” music or movies. There are tablets that reach 128GB.

At the time of purchase, then, will have to assess the main uses: is it just to read books or watch videos on YouTube? Then not long ago missing. Do you have to serve to process more complex images of some video games or movies in high quality? The budget begins to increase. And also. Do you have to have software packages, offer the possibility of incorporating a Bluetooth keyboard connected to a TV via HDMI and more?


Prices vary on a simple equation: usually more inch tablets typically cost more. Seven to eight inches, a good level you can start at $ 200 in the United States, although there are cheaper versions as the Kindle Fire, Amazon can be achieved in 139 U $ S. The 10 inch instead, and enter $ 350. The most comprehensive, PC tablets seem, can climb to $ 750 (or so goes a good ultrabook).

In Argentina also prices and models vary. There are several local brands that sell their equipment as Voxson DIM724-TV ($ 2,299), the Tablet PC T700V Violetta ($ 2,199). Other brands that also sell theirs are Banghó, BGH, and Noganet Noblex. And models of international brands like Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Lenovo and Sony are also achieved here, among others. A study by Intel this year 288 million tablets will be sold worldwide, 1.1 million of which will correspond to our country.

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