Tips to improve your relationship with technology in just five minutes

We live between the gadgets that make our lives easier, but only sometimes… Often we do not know the ins and outs of the devices and programs you use and that makes us lose valuable when performing tasks that are simply a priori time. For these cases, we often dip into the computer colleague who is sick to death of us, but we often give good advice and patiently teach us interesting tricks. Today let us play their role. Pay attention five minutes and sure to learn something new about the technology you use every day.

Memorize the shortcuts most recurrent

In Windows, there are some well known (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X Ctrl + V, Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Y to copy, cut, paste, undo and redo, respectively) and there are others who spend more unnoticed but are equally interesting: Ctrl + W to close tabs, Alt + F4 to close programs and shut down the computer, Alt + Shift to switch windows, Windows + Shift to switch windows in 3D, Windows + D to minimize all windows and return to the desktop … You can review the most relevant.

Save photos in the fast lane

When you find an interesting picture on the Internet and want to save it, drag it from the browser to the folder where you want to store. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Check before saving

To prevent unwanted files are downloaded to your computer, check the “Always ask me where to save files” on the General tab of the Firefox Options or “Prompt where each file is saved before downloading” on Google Chrome Settings, deploying advanced settings. From now on, we always ask you to save the file and ask you to specify the path. Do you use Internet Explorer? Then go to the next point…

Do not use Internet Explorer

If you use it, it is at your own risk and then do not say you were not warned. Nor should you allow your loved ones use it. If you do not listen to you, because it’s hard to change habits, for example, our parents then resorted to an old trick. Swap the icons and names of shortcuts Explorer and another browser (by clicking the right mouse button and going to Properties> Shortcut).

So, whenever you want to use the ‘browser’ of Microsoft, will access unknowingly Firefox or Chrome. What if they realize? Then tell them to have updated and the new version is a little different. They end up falling into the trap.

Google Maps when offline

Maybe you know, but the most popular mapping tool allows for some time to download a specific area plans to consult with your phone when you have no internet connection. For example, if you travel abroad. What you may not know is that, in addition, you can continue using your phone’s GPS without pulling data: just make sure the handset is in airplane mode and with the 3G turned off before opening Google Maps.

Memorize the measurements of your phone and use it as a rule

It is a somewhat analog trick, but quite convenient. If there is something you always carry over is certainly your mobile phone, so remember its dimensions will be very useful to measure other objects when you do not have a ruler handy. Yes, it is true that you could also store, for example, the size of a ticket, but only if you are someone who always has money in his wallet…

Use points to your inbox

Something as simple as this surprises many people. Did you know that you can put as many points as you like and + signs in your email address and the emails will keep coming to the same place? Right. The address is the same as @ and + Very useful for two reasons: the points, so that others find it easier to memorize your address; the signs +, to filter messages from a particular sender. Tremendously versatile and also works with e-mail services that are not to Google.

Enter either the USB to the first

Each time you go to add a ‘flash drive’, is the same: there is a fifty percent chance you hit, if you see the glass half full; or fifty percent probability that fail, if you look half empty. This is over. From now on, you will be infallible. You only have to look at the USB symbol: the part that is always having going up. You’re welcome, friend.

Has been the only light in your house?

You can use your mobile phone to find out. When light, check that you can still see the WiFi of your neighbors go. If it’s there, is that they are light. If not, accompany you on the dark feeling.


Converts a tab in your browser on a notebook

If you are someone who typically have open notepad to go pointing things while browsing, we have a quicker and more direct alternative. Copy the following code in the address bar and press Enter:

Data: text / html,Text Editor

See, now you can write on the screen blank? Yeah, but the code is very long and complicated … Quiet: You can save the bookmarks tab and open it from the toolbar whenever you need it.

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