Tips to get the most rain on your photos

If so overturned on visual aesthetics as the film industry has opted countless times by rain as a framework for some of the most intense moments in its films, sure there’s a reason behind.

Who does not remember the final scene of Blade Runner? “I’ve seen things you people would not believe, attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. We watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain… Time to die”.

The rain as a resource for our images may offer more joy than we think, and even say it’s worth the risk of logic that can get wet equipment (I’ve always said that the photograph that puts the “risk”.) The rain has the power to make a scene even more wistful melancholy, passion of a kiss on a magic moment and even sizing dramatically the world of tiny.

If you think, we will do a review of some details that you must not lose when you go out to shoot it rain!

The setting becomes

As we reflect on the article about minimalism and fog, the presence of certain atmospheric conditions can create a changing environment: reflections appear, change the lights, the funds become subtle… All this should push us to “rediscover” our environment? the reason? New opportunities may arise where previously not believed!

On this occasion, the effect of rain is artificial, but Stefano knew correctly use it to power the backlight.

City lights and reflections

Another argument in favor of a changing environment we provide reflections. By day,, ponding forces us to consider the soil as a photographic subject, it is funny! At night, very attentive to the night lights: colorful lights, stained pavement and streetlights provide us attractive backlighting.

Reflex Photography offers a different reality: while identifies what happens, do not stop trying surreal! A widely used resource which often offers good results is to accompany our image of some element that our brain identifies as real, for example, the feet of a walker.

even implement the photograph

Environments become dim

Maybe it’s a good time to adjust to a purely decadent melancholy or online right? And we can even implement the photograph in low key. As we noted the beginning of the article, the film industry has used repeatedly masterfully rain to accompany certain scenes, be inspired by them!

In the next picture, everything comes to create in the viewer a sense sad, melancholy, desolation: Old wood, the woman back behind the door, the curtains of rain or low exposure. Romantic, decadent, or what inspires you to everyone but their influence fail! Environments….

next picture

Through the glass

Who has not ever happened the afternoon playing with photoshop filters different? It’s time to put it into practice! Stand in front of a glass after rain can give us the opportunity to give a different touch to our images. The scenery is good option but perhaps the best one is to place our models across the window, Try!

Our pictures can be uploaded to oneiric connotation with just settling behind glass.

Use the umbrella as a resource!

Add a supplement to our photo shoots with models is a common resource; why not take an umbrella in the rain? Nothing more inspiring!

The umbrella supplement can give much play: from open flat as shown in the image to some subtler using long focal lengths. It can also be used in our favor the relative obscurity that occurs in our models to create images playing with shadows.

Do not forget the natural landscapes

Almost certainly, a working day in nature when it threatens to rain will be synonymous with spectacular skies. Great scenery with typical “curtains” of rain in the background often surprises but if there is a reason photographed endlessly and still gets to stay with its mouth open, is the rainbow.

We left this chapter to the end deliberately for a simple reason: the micro-world offers us an infinitely richer and more likely that parallel reality get to see what our eyes. A very specific area of a branch of a tree, insect, wet textures or water drops can be found in every corner, clearing or building facade.

The picture of this caterpillar was planned earlier. Once located on undeveloped land near my house, you just had to wait for a rainy day to see them wearing this particular costume. Try to introduce macro-landscapes in water drops is also a resource that works.

Intimate atmosphere with a very well used note of color. The rain curtain stands out nicely on the background blur in the picture below, creating a special image.

the picture below

After the storm comes the calm

Equally interesting supposed to shoot in the rain right after it, a consistent relationship between despair and hope is forged, those sunbeams illuminate again are especially gratifying when another character to give our images. Not to mention that after the rain, rivers and lakes fly to flow more flow.

Throughout this article we have been able to see the huge amount of possibilities offered by the rain, show you material that you have in the rain? Or just throw yourself to practice, is a good time!


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