Tips for extending battery life of a smartphone

A smart phone or smartphone and mobile phone classic share just one function: the ability to make calls. The current concept of “mobile” evokes more to a laptop than a device to talk on the phone, due to its increasing complexity. This itself makes its energy consumption is much higher than the simpler older models. A series of tricks extend the phone battery and allow for longer use without charge.

The battery of the first mobile phones had an average duration of 48 hours or more. To compare the difference from a smartphone, just do a test with an older model. Where compatible, the same operator can use the SIM card of the current phone until the battery runs out. The same test on the smartphone can check the difference in battery life, which can be more than 24 hours. That is, a new generation telephone to full use can consume their energy in less than a day and even in one hour if the GPS combined with Google map is used.

The multiplicity of functions enables the telephone to infinite possibilities, but requires to be always near the plug, wait for longer battery life are discovered without increasing neither their size and weight, or implement a number of recommendations which, if not well made the battery lasts as long as the above, it can at least prolong its charge in a situation of need, such as a trip or a meeting of several hours.

Rate the network protocol you want to use: Not the same web surfing -called 2G GSM Data, GPRS to do it also known as 2,5G-. It even consumes even more if the 3G network protocol used. Each of these has a growing speed data network access, but its energy consumption increases. Moreover, in some areas 3G coverage can be poor and not worth it to have it activated. If your phone allows it, then clearly it is convenient to use the GSM or GPRS network by default.

Beware the “wifi mode”: Get into a wifi area is comfortable with mobile data because they own flat rate consumed. However, the user is not always in that situation and instead continues with wifi enabled, seeking continuous networks to connect to. Not more connect only when you are sure that there is a network with access nearby.

Avoid Bluetooth: This type of wireless connectivity is only useful for certain functions, such as tethering or running files with another user. Moreover, it is one of the functions that consume more battery power. You should always monitor that is turned off, unless you want to use.

Geolocation functions consuming: Having activated a GPS or geolocation program so others know where we can be interesting, but of having a mobile program with continuous operation and resource consumption can be high. You should assess whether it is worthwhile.

Instant messaging, only if there is no choice: The same applies to the mobile instant messaging programs such as MSN Messenger, Fring or eBuddy. They are very useful and allow dialogue with the contacts, but are latent in the background and consuming battery. It is preferable to turn them on every use and then turn them off.

Make checking email via a web service: The type “push mail” service periodically downloading mail that comes to the website user’s service, have high energy consumption. It is better to disable or set the discharge period in several hours.

The screen always off: Smartphones have a button called “dimmer”, used to manually turn off the phone screen and not wait for the shutdown becomes fulfilled the stipulated time, ranging from 30 to 15 seconds. Make heavy use of this feature can save significant time battery even more than one hour.

Avoid vibration modes: They can be useful in meetings or in the movies, but are an important consumption if the phone rings. Should lower the volume or use the flight mode, which turns off when leaving the meeting.

Regular sound: It is not always necessary to have a very high volume. A conversation halftone, if you are in a quiet place, less distorted voice and saves battery.smartphone battery1

Adjust the screen brightness: In most smartphones this feature is adjustable from the controls or system settings. It is recommended to have as low as possible, because it is a factor of great use.

Use energy saving applications: The main ones are Battery Go and my BatteryLife, iPhone, NB BattStat and Radio Saver for BlackBerry; Best Battery Saver, Mobile Symbian (Nokia and Sony Ericsson); Android default leads a program called “Power Control”.

Although they seem difficult to memorize, these tips are really simple, and once we make them, turned out to be really easy to comply. In addition, both our battery and our smartphone will thank you us over time, as we will enjoy full capacity during a longer period of time.


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