A time saving labels creating tool Brother PT-H105

The Label Printer Brother PT-H105 is a simple accessory that can save a lot of time on the SME or home. A tool used to create labels in just seconds, without having to go through a computer and the ability to use rolls of different size and length. The electronic labeler can be used both as connected to power through batteries (six AA-size standard) and has a good speed of 20 mm per second. The Brother PT-H105 is available in the market at a price of 38 euros.

Tag all

No doubt, this is a very interesting tool for users (like me) have a rather lax sense of order, or to SMEs wanting to tag their documents and make them more orderly. The Brother PT-H105 is a compact portable label that resembles a bit like a POS terminal, with dimensions of 11 x 20.7 x 5.9 inches and weighing 390 grams. We have tried to get an ergonomic design that makes it easy to catch it with one hand and typing with the other. Although it is easy to grasp, the fact is that it may be something heavy if you are going to use for a longer time (and more if we decide to use a portable manner by batteries). In the front of the device have a full keyboard with all the letters of the alphabet (minus the backslash) and the numbers one to ten. Just above these keys have four buttons (to change the font size, change the font from italics or bold, and two buttons to add different effects to the letters).

The small LCD screen is enough to display the contents of the device and reach different settings. Just below we find eight more buttons to move through the settings menus Brother PT-H105 and power cycle the device. To load the creator of labels with paper tape and the batteries has a simple mechanism that removal of the cap exposes these elements. We liked the detail of leaving a small transparent panel from which you can view the type of tape labels or stickers that we are using. The last element to mention is a large mechanical button at the top we press to cut the labels after they are printed (this process is done manually). Of course, the problem with this method is that when we cut multiple copies of the same label must wait for it to finish printing before cutting power.

Speed ​​printing and labeling tapes

The printing speed of the Brother PT-H105 reaches 20 millimeters per second. That sheds printing up 120 inches per minute tape, a figure more than competitive for the use you will give this device. The print resolution of these labels reached a figure of 180 dots per inch; enough to use black and white is made ​​by this printer. Regarding the labeling tape, is capable of supporting belts having a width of 3’5, 6, 9 and 12 millimeters. The Company sells a wide variety of tapes to increase the personalization of our labels.

Display and interface

This printer control is performed through a small LCD screen. The movement through the setup menus is done by means of the buttons is located just below the screen. This is a very simple interface that can be brought under control in no time. Within the buttons highlights the button to start printing in a single click. We also liked the detail that the equipment can be set up in twenty different languages.

Brother PT-H105

Labeling Options

In its basic functionality, you can create a simple text both uppercase and lowercase. Keep in mind that this machine works with a single font, a limitation that can muddy luster to the final result. That if, one of the basic options with which if the account is to choose between three different sizes of letters, big, medium and small. You can also switch between text underline, italics or bold. Moreover, another interesting option is to print text vertically on the belt. Visual effects, we insert options like hearts or bubbles, or a frame for text. This is a casual touch especially appreciate that customers using the device in the home environment. The last of the buttons gives an edge in this sense to decorate the text of the label to a certain category, such as people, pets or so surprise that decorates the text at random from the available options. These options are complemented by a very large set of simple symbols from which you can also print a list for us to have a broader view on them (but honestly it is more convenient access and view them through the LCD screen). Note that users can get to print labels with two lines of text.

Price and reviews

The price of this simple labeler is 38 euros, including in the pack one -231S TZe laminated tape black on white with a size of 12 mm x 4 meters. No doubt, it is a device that has a very specific goal and can become a very interesting companion for users or small businesses that want to manage their things better to better locate what they want. It is a demure price for obtaining good performance without having to make an investment high. However, to those people or organizations plan to print numerous labels with the same text is more advisable to have the type of team the Brother QL-710W, with automatic cut labels and a more automated and complete.


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