Things you should stop doing if you want to become a better photographer

When we started taking pictures, we all want to become better photographers. Although we intend to professionally devote to it, we want to stay a mere hobby to help us express ourselves or away, in a way, of the reality around us. Anyway, to get better at this art form there are a number of behaviors that should put aside because we very much limited when creating art. Do you want to know what?

Rely on Luck

This happens especially when we started. When not yet mastered the language of photography and / or our camera. Surely more than once happened to you, you have started to take pictures and, suddenly, have left you a very good image that you do not know how you’ve been able to grasp. Being better photographer means, among other things, to know exactly what happens when you click and also what makes a photo good or bad. It’s not like good photographers take good pictures “without knowing how.” I mean, is not like the good photographers blindly rely on luck. Good images, as a rule, should always work.

And the only way to work a photo is knowing what is before us, what we want to achieve, how we work at the level of composition to achieve and above all, know how the photographic equipment we have in hand to work plasmas to what we have in mind. Of course, this does not mean that luck has no role in the images of a good photographer: all have great strokes of luck and there are very good “improvised” photographs.

Shoot Like Crazy

We have already talked a lot about this, and it is one of the great vices that brought digital photography: the bobbin is not finished, so no fear of shoot, shoot and shoot. And something good will come. That’s not taking pictures, is to shoot a machine gun. When our intention is to become better photographers should stop and think what we are doing. Think the photo or at least be aware of what you’re shooting.

This has to do with the previous point: use your camera as a painter used his brush, being aware that every movement has a consequence on the outcome of the image. Do secret not to find you shooting everything that moves? Relax, take patience, I give yourself some time to think if the best picture you can take is that you were about to do. If it helps, you can also put a limit on photos to make a photo out, as if you fired a reel. , this is one of the exercises that helped me, do you dare?

No Print pictures

Another digital photography services: we have come to see our images, anytime, on a screen. And the truth is that a picture does not look the same on paper digitally. Not only because the print quality or the feelings that can produce you having your pictures physically in hands. Seeing the images in a different format so can make you appreciate things that you had overlooked when valuing a digital medium. Choose your best photos, looking for a good photo lab and print. Observe calmly ordered, discarded. Moreover, in this way you will gradually making you your own photo collection with your best ones!

Read No Books of Photography

In the era in which we live, where we are all permanently attached to your computer, smartphone or tablet, you should allow time to return to our former colleagues: books. It is the countless number of books in the world dealing with photography as a main theme. But the truly important books, in my opinion, are those that deal with art.

The basic photographic technique is very simple: if you know expose well and have a good eye when it comes to composing, you’re halfway to becoming a good photographer fact practice is the other halfway With read one or two books of art.. Photographic might be enough to have a well formed based on this art, if we end up supplementing it with the endless amount of information we can find on the Internet today, our photographic training can go far.Photographer

However, there is a series of books in which the authors speak of photography without making special mention of the art. They are books that allow you to reflect on the images and further the photography. These are the books that will help you grow as a photographer once and have all the established theory.

Find books about photography, or the vision of the photographer or mind narratives. These books will help you see everything differently and, therefore, will help you improve your photos. Soak photographic knowledge can never focus on only, see pictures on the Internet. Read books, watch movies, go to exhibitions … All this will help you become a better photographer.


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