Things you should know about your laptop

Today I have brought for you a list of things you should know about your laptop or portable eye that this is taken from the web, especially I can say that many of things I’ve seen in person and as people are not aware of them, if you have a laptop whatsoever, consider what I write in this publication might work a lot but very useful. 

Treatment of a portable PC

If your laptop overheats

  • Check that the fan itself is not dirty or has entangled fluff, it is very common to happen, causing it to jam and can not work well. 
  • I always put the laptop on a flat surface, not on the bed, or if so, I put a flat base to keep it warm. Places like beds fabric store heat and generate fluff that tends to frustrate internal fans. 
  • Portable in itself are very sensitive and tend to heat up, would you buy a good fan base forever cool or cooler and work better. 
  • In some laptops the internal fan stops working and no less intense, and yet the laptop still works but heating more, if I check it still works. 

Warranty laptop

Many people do not take into account that it cover a laptop, often the seller tries to give for a little more money and better extended warranty does not sound bad but in fairness many do not take, I think the parameters of the warranty typically include only hardware but also condition and many lose the warranty by changing the operating system or investigate over the account, when looking notebook that includes the standard warranty that includes the extended warranty is purchased, it may be advisable to have it.

Parts of a Laptop

The parts of a laptop are more sensitive than normal PC and many parts are irreplaceable. In a desktop PC if the graph dies we bought another and ready in a laptop involves changing the plate or change chip unsoldering thing is not at all recommended, the main event of problems on a laptop keyboard starts.

Laptop keyboards are more delicate than home PC keyboards and are very sensitive membranes. And if liquid or any material could damage them as get ready to spend on changing the full keyboard. Since a failed keyboard, makes your life miserable in the system, either from the start to just writing.

about your laptop         2

About the battery and extend its life as

Thus here interesting spots so that they take into account, on the functioning of the laptop and how it influences your lapt, notb or netb battery.

  1. Frequently defragment the hard disk. (I’m not agree with this point if you do not know much about computer)
  2. Reduce the brightness of the screen all that is tolerable.
  3. Avoid having too many programs running in the background (this is also useful for desktop).
  4. Disable external peripherals while not in use. (Refers to the inputs of USB, for example)
  5. Larger RAM. The more memory, less cane is given to the hard disk.
  6. If you can use it from the hard drive, do not use it from a CD. Try to pass the hard drive you use things from CD or DVD. These consume more energy.
  7. Keep electrical battery contacts clean.
  8. Battery used with some frequency to be exercised.
  9. Hibernate the computer instead of stopping.
  10. Keep clean the vents. The lower the temperature of the laptop will work better.
  11. Optimize energy options within the operating system. This is logical.
  12. Try not to run many programs simultaneously. Multitasking, if not indispensable, is bad for the battery.
  13. If you can, prioritize the tasks you will perform if you only have one battery charge. Not the same view mails that playing Quake 3.
  14. Get a more efficient laptop ever make them better.
  15. Avoid the memory effect in older laptops doing a full discharge and then fully charge. This should be done at least once every week or every two weeks. 

The height on laptops

If you believe it or not, if you bring a laptop to over 3000 to 3800 meters for if it is not made for that altitude because goodbye laptop. Eye not is in the same place at 3000 meters high to be on a plane where the pressure is compensated and the laptop does not suffer anything.

If you go at this point, it would be good to buy a laptop and ask before, especially check the warranty that often does not cover these problems, a brand that reaches much support these pressure changes are TOSHIBA, which are really warriors, to comparison of HP and COMPAQ, if not stand these.


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