A terminal that has plenty of arguments to become a powerful alternative for users

The Szenio Syreni 500 is one of the strongest of the Spanish company Bulltech. It is a smartphone with a size of 5 inches, which includes a good set of specifications and competing in the market models are below 200 euros. It is a model with a thin design and careful enough just 7.8 mm, with square shapes and a slightly square case that can be configured in three different colors (all available to buy the phone through interchangeable covers). Inside we found a 4-core processor, a rear 8 megapixel camera and Android version 4.2 Jelly Bean OS.

We are facing a team with a very fine and elegant design. Its square lines give it a more sober and serious at the terminal, tap into dimensions that are quite attractive and are set at 143 x 71.5 x 7.8 mm. Of course, when we handle this smartphone in hand then we realize that this is a somewhat heavier average, though not to be uncomfortable equipment. Definitely one of the great distinctive touches of this model is that it includes several interchangeable covers in pink, brown and white. Thus, we can customize the phone without choosing a particular configuration. We also noticed the inclusion of a clear plastic protective cover for the back of the phone that will help you protect your computer from bumps and drops.

As for the screen, the Szenio Syreni 500 integrates IPS screen technology with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. This resolution serves to display good detail with menus and most basic system apps, although we missed higher resolutions for film, video games and more powerful Android. As for the tactile response is acceptable most of the time, but we felt that does not reach the level of fineness greater range of other releases. What did we achieve through this panel is a good level of brightness and angles remarkable vision. Another aspect that has sought to highlight the Spanish company is the presence of the OGS (One Glass Solution) technology, which eliminates one of the layers forming part of the touchpad to get a thinner design and fewer reflections.

In the photographic section we find a rear 8 megapixel camera that offers pretty good performance. We liked the quality of the photographs taken (keeping in mind that this is a phone with price below 200 euros). Thus, on the left we have a Ribbon trailing with finger and it allows various types of capture as HDR, panoramic or a detector of smiles. In the camera settings we can also add several quick effects such as sepia or slate effect.

Szenio Syreni 500

During configuration of the camera we can also add some quick color effects as Board or sepia effect. And here I could not miss an LED flash for better pictures in low light conditions. As for the front camera, it has a quality of 2 megapixels, which will give us just enough to make photos of ourselves and to carry out videoconferences. The truth is that at this point we have missed the Spanish company had bet a bit more for the front camera and had established a more powerful lens, as is becoming a trend in many firms that opt for phones of this price range (self Syreni 62FHD has this feature).

In the field of processor has been integrated into this model, a quad-core chip with a power of 1.3 GHz Overall, we performed well both through phone menus as when running applications and games. Yes, its memory of 1 GB is left us something cut into the time we tried to run several apps at the same time in the background. The internal memory is certainly the weakest of this endpoint. Its 4 GB translate into just under 2 GB to store applications and personal files, and many users will have to use a MicroSD card up to 32 GB to complete the space, or choose a network storage service.

The Szenio Syreni 500 advocates a simplified Android experience. The icons are displayed in a box rather colorful background that gives a very casual and youthful touch, and can be more or less appealing (according to taste). The operating system used in this handset is version Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. One of the most interesting additions to this review is the ability to introduce different widgets on the lock screen to access various system functions. Overall, the team customization will depend almost entirely on us, through the broad ecosystem of applications involving the operating system. Almost anecdotally, it seemed to us that the wallpaper chosen by default (you can see in the photos) is an unwise choice, because it creates a shocking sensation that does not invite use. What has liked is the inclusion of an FM transmitter for lovers of waves can listen to your favorite stations.

As for connections, the terminal is able to connect to 3G HSPA networks. In this case, you have not opted for the 4G connection, despite the growing demand posed by these high-speed networks. But this is a feature that few users actually can amortize today, so data rates that quickly consumed if we use for the points which are most useful, such as streaming video viewing quality. The Syreni 500 also features WiFi connection to connect at home, Bluetooth and GPS. The operation of this connection is quite fast, something that stands out from other proposals that are slow to pick up the signal. Of course, when we used this tool we lost the signal on more than one occasion and we had to wait a while to recover.


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