The term of the smart appliances

The concept of smart niche has exceeded its founding, the mobile market, and adapts to everyday products that, by Internet, offer an improved and consistent experience with these times. In this sense, if there was an item was intelligent back home. The concept is not new and is known as home automation. Now, thanks to the evolution of Internet connections, technology companies prepare smart appliances and accessories to give users control their homes remotely.


Soon there was talk of smart appliances until, in January, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) saw the emergence of many products of this kind.

At the LG booth, smart appliances had ample personal space. In addition to the new cell and curved TVs, the company showed its Homechat communication platform that allows interaction with smart appliances signature. Homechat The app must be installed on a smartphone to send precise equipment installed at home instructions.

The devices, which feature integrated Wi-Fi, will respond to the statement by another message indicating receipt of the order. With this system you can check and give orders to the robot vacuum cleaner Bot Home Square, turn on the washing machine and to examine distance food stored in the refrigerator. Supported on this platform highlights the French Door refrigerator that holds moisture and the right temperature, as stored food, and Washer Dryer washer, in which users can start a washing program, monitor and control the status of the washing machine , and receive alerts and messages via a smartphone or from an LG Smart TV.

Also at CES, Samsung showed its platform Smart Home, a service that allows you to connect home appliances, cell phones and smart TVs together. The main functions of the platform are Device Control, Smart Home View and Customer Service. With Device Control is possible, for example, turn on the AC and control the lights in the house using the app on a smartphone, smart TV, tablet or even a smart signature watch, the Galaxy Gear. Voice commands are also a possibility; for example can the instruction Leaving home for selected appliances and lights are turned off automatically.

smart appliances

Communication between devices is established thanks to a specially dedicated server and using a Smart Home software protocol that enables the interconnection between the product line, but also allow communication with other appliances manufacturers adopt this protocol. Another company joins Electrolux home automation is, who in February introduced the Infinity I-Kitchen refrigerator includes in its forehead a touch screen that can be viewed more than 100 recipes, take notes and access a full schedule.

Besides the option of Electrolux, other models of smart refrigerators are available in the Argentine market. One is the Connect Whirlpool, which includes a touch screen and apps for linking the device with a smartphone. This feature makes it possible to create shopping lists and send them to the phone and display notifications of upcoming food due. Other apps let you take notes and store photographs to replace the classical magnets which usually cover the door of conventional refrigerators.

When cooking, Belkin and Jarden Consumer Solutions and provide the first smart pot. This is the Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Smart, controlled by a smartphone that allows reconfiguration, or start cooking from anywhere.


Besides launching smart appliances are companies that present solutions to revamp the way it interacts with light household. One such solution is the Belkin Smart LED lamps and Lighting Starter Set, which control the firelight distance, in addition to graduate its intensity. Among its features, the lamps include the ability to schedule vacation mode to be on, to simulate the presence of people in the house, and the way Attenuation, sleeping or relaxed atmosphere. To remotely control these clever lamps, just install the app WeMO on mobile, available for iOS and Android.

With a similar idea, Philips and distributes its line of smart bulbs Hue, also allow be controlled via the Internet using a mobile application.


If you are away from home you may just see what happens in the house, thanks to surveillance cameras connected to the Internet. The D-Link DCS-933L is completely wireless and you only need to connect to a Wi-Fi router to transmit images to the phone. All you need to do is install the official mydlink lite app on the smartphone. Another option is the Philips InSight cameras, mounted on a swivel base, allow observing from different angles using an iPhone or Android phone.


Not only computers and mobile devices are targets of attacks. Any device connected to the Internet is a gateway for potential security problems. Smart appliances not escape this reality and have already reported some problems of this type. The security company Proofpoint ( ) found that between 23 December 2013 and 6 January 2014, a network of connected devices including refrigerators, TVs and media centers were was getting infected with malware and replicating other products connected to Internet content. It is estimated that some 100,000 computers that period passed at least 750,000 malicious emails. This was styled as the first cyber attack against smart appliances. But it may not be the last. With a promising future in the era of smart appliances would not be unusual to see in a short time new antivirus solutions not for computers, but to refrigerators, stoves and washing machines.

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