10 keys to look for work in the internet

The Job Searching in the internet is one of the mantras of recent years in our country. With a national unemployment, desperate situation and the advantages of the network against wear from door to door; this tool has become one of the best ecosystems to seek employment. So much so that, according to some studies could help create up to 280,000 jobs.

However, as you know if you take time searching; find something not easy, since the internet has broadened your view, yes, but also your competition. If you are looking for work online and what you think a boundless jungle, maybe these tips will come good. They will not get a job, obviously, but perhaps they will help to remove some straw the way:

1. Watch (much) your first image. Many employment sites, plus your photo, allow you to write a brief description about yourself. Do not write anything lightly because those two or three sentences can be the first door that locks to a recruiter may think, unfortunately, unemployment is so high that any responsible human resources is overwhelmed and resort to tactics as to rule out random people without even having read your CV. Do not make your boss may dismiss early.

2. Save your straw in the CV. likely to think that the more populated is your CV, offer them best picture. However, until that include course that has nothing to do with your industry and you did in one morning you will not help, on the contrary. Also take on the role of the head of human resources with hundreds of CV that will front… do you really think that will read integers?

The most likely take a very quick eye to all, seeking information that interests you. Do not dizzy. Directly gives you the essential information that may concern you faces to the work in question.

3. Customize your cover letter. If you’re lucky enough to find a deal, look beneath the shtick. How many people have also applied for the job? Sure a lot more than you would like. However, we do not say this to make you desmotives but to be aware that 90% of these letters have phrases like “I enclose my CV for you to take into account in the selection process, since for me It would be a pleasure to work in your company”.

Even if you take longer try to know something about the company to which you are writing and loose some detail in the letter to let them know that you know. 

4. Do not point to everything. Pages in most job search, recruiters can click on your profile and see how many other deals aspire. That you will take several offers is not bad, but you do a hundred other, yes, especially if they are from different sectors. Do not point it at anything you see just to cover more. 

5. Follow your potential employers. If you are clear about your industry and what companies might hire you, help yourself from social networks like Twitter or Linkedin to know you and contact them. Social networks allow you to converse without necessarily look like a spammer.

6. Do not look desperate. If you have been unemployed a long time or you’re living an extreme situation, we understand that you are literally desperate, I really understand it. However, even if you have more reason than a saint, put back in place the recruiter and see if you can thereby be giving good image. On Twitter, flee expressions like “help”, “RT please” and others.

7. ‘Premium’ Services. There are employment sites (or even Linkedin own) that offer premium with that if you pay a certain amount, you will get your CV prominently displayed. Consider whether you may be interested in hiring any of these services, always thinking about your industry, at work looking at the possible competition and, of course, in your pocket. if you can afford it, maybe give you a competitive advantage; if you do not you can afford it, you either obsessions with it and discarded an expenditure that is not essential.

8. Report false or unfair offers. Whether you are a frequent of employment sites, surely you’ve seen the 300 deals the company “industry leader” (of course) which offers “excellent condition” (of course). If you end up finding with a truly humiliating condition or even rub illegal, do not just ignore the offer. Let them know the web for the withdrawal and for other people to save wasting time with that company.

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9. Do not pay for an interview. If a company asks you for money simply by participating in a selection process, do not ever do it. Chances are that it is a monumental scam by some heartless, so the best you can do is report it to the job site. If the offer was real and true the company offering the job intended to pay for their candidates to be interviewed, you’re at a company as disgusting enough so you do not deserve the punishment spend a penny on it.

10. Follow employment providers. On Twitter there are many accounts that are dedicated to spreading job, so you may be interested to follow them (once you’ve found to have a large number of followers and not spread scams).

One of our personal recommendations is to follow the journalist Antolin Romero, the program here is no work of TVE, which not only diffuses jobs but also publicly denounced the companies that try to scam you with false offers.


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