Telegram Premium came with new benefits

What is Telegram Premium?
Telegram Premium is Telegram’s paid service, so that customers can enjoy some exclusive benefits instead of a fixed fee per month. Telegram is a feature-packed app, the features that users have been demanding for so long, we are going to see in the Telegram Premium Subscription Plan.

The Telegram Premium plan costs $4.99 USD, for which you can enjoy the Telegram Premium feature. To use Telegram Premium, you need to upgrade to version 7.8 of the Telegram app. Premium subscriptions can be purchased by entering the Telegram Premium option from the app’s settings.

Features of Telegram Premium
No feature of Telegram free version has been omitted for the premium plan. Rather, the premium subscription plan will add an extra dimension to the existing benefits. Let us know in detail about all the features of Telegram Premium.

No ads
In some countries, sponsored advertisements are shown on large public telegram channels. These ads shown in the app basically bear the cost of running Telegram. However, Telegram Premium users do not have to watch these ads, which allows them to enjoy an ad-free experience.

4 GB file upload
Telegram free version can send files up to a maximum size of 2 GB. Telegram Premium Plan subscribers can send files up to 4 GB in size. Any free telegram user can download 4GB size files uploaded by premium users.

Quick download
Premium users will be able to download media and files from Telegram at the highest speed. You can download from Telegram at the highest speed of internet on premium plan.

Increased limit
Premium subscribers can follow up to 1000 channels, create up to 20 chat folders in which 200 chats can be added to each folder, add 4 accounts to Telegram app, pin 10 chats to main list and save 10 favorite stickers.

In addition, as part of the Telegram Premium feature, subscribers will be able to write longer links and add links. Premium users can add more characters to the caption. Up to 400 favorite GIFs can be saved. In addition, premium users can reserve up to 20 public links so that they can create as many groups or channels as they wish.

Voice to text
If you do not want to hear the voice message, the premium subscribers will be able to see directly what is said in the message as text.

Unique stickers and reactions
Premium users will be able to use many new stickers and awesome full-screen animations. The premium sticker collection will be updated by the sticker artist every month. In addition, premium users will be able to use 10 additional emoji reactions.

Telegram Premium came with new benefits
Rules for using the Telegram app

Chat management
New features in chat management have come through Telegram Premium. Features like changing the default chat folder, opening unread chat instead of opening all chats etc. can be enjoyed with premium subscription. Subscribers can also select the option to archive and mute new chats in the privacy and security settings.

Animated profile picture
Premium users’ profile videos will be animated in the chat and chat list. This means that premium users will be able to show their animated profile picture to everyone.

Premium badge
Telegram Premium users will get a special badge which will be displayed next to their name in the chat list and next to the name in the group member list. In other words, this badge will give a different identity to the premium subscribers.

Premium app icon
Premium users can change the icon of the Telegram app on the home screen. Telegram Premium users can set different types of app icons to match their homescreen setup.

The Telegram reports that there are currently more than 600 million telegram users worldwide. The funny thing is that the company does not advertise much about the app. The popularity of the app has completely increased by word of mouth. Telegram also reported 100 fixes and optimizations on mobile and desktop apps.

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