Technology is coming with the latest fashions

“Many of the technology devices dress reaching the shelves offer great features, but do not consider that consumers want a beautiful and cutting edge that complement their personal style devices”, said Paul Williamson, CSR, smart jewelry: a firm whose catalog a fresh new appears.

The trend has its own name: in the North of the map, where it breathes as the big companies of the sector, called wereable technology, technology of clothing. Glasses, necklaces, bracelets, rings and even clothes and shoes began to be equipped with machine intelligence.

Glass is one of the archetypes in this new wave. These glasses developed by Google, among other uses, let take pictures and surf the Internet right before our eyes. With marketing promised for this year, when this item began circulating the news resulted in a critical voice about the proposed Glass: “Why Google does not make them nicer”? Recently, the firm drew the coveted Mountain View aesthetic gesture introducing four new models of these glasses with different frames and formats (including sunglasses), designed for new users, geeks and flirty, casting light on an order every day audible in the chip industry: be functional is not enough.

The traditional wrist watch, whose popularity has been stoned, in part, by the constant presence of cell phones in pockets, is another element that seeks to take the technology arm.

Samsung and Sony, among other companies, have already launched their smartwatches in the market, and others, such as Apple, HTC and Motorola plan to in the near term. Google recently released Android Wear, a version of its mobile operating system dedicated to this product. Although there are exceptions, generally function as a second screen for superior, delivering alerts and event information, but linked to a larger, more powerful device.

Ricardo Sametband, Special Envoy of the nation in the European event, noticed products from Sony, Huawei and Samsung, which add to proposals from Nike and Adidas, all with the same objective: monitor the physical activity of the users and help improve their habits when it comes to sports.


One of the products featured in the catalog of the above firm CSR is a necklace designed in partnership with the New York boutique Cellini, which connects via Bluetooth to Smartphones and tablets. An app for Android allows you to change the color of its LED indicator to conclude with the look of the wearer; is compatible with iOS Notification Center 7, the mobile operating system from Apple, making it capable of delivering it to the user alerts on calls, messages or incoming messages by vibration or lighting changes. According CSR warned the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2014, the most important fair of the Tech calendar, 72% of users want devices wereables look good, while 67% said it is important to fit their personal style.

Similar to offering is Miami CSR Smart Bracelet, bracelet aimed to also provide alerts for notifications with various patterns of vibration (including notices can be programmed to remember meetings) and mute on two touches on its surface. Also featured in the latest edition of CES, Netatmo June is an accessory with the look of a diamond that can be used as a bracelet or brooch. Interacting with an application that runs on the iPhone, provides the user with information on its sun exposure: if it has been a while, take a break and suggest the appropriate degree of protection.

Smaller, the rings do not get out of this recipe. Smarty Ring, plus the benefit of being made of stainless steel, remotely controls various functions of the mobile phone. NFC Ring is one of the actors in this growing sector have been a ring including a technology that works by proximity, similarly to the one used to make certain payments by cards that are close to a reader.

In symmetry to open source software, it is jewelry that can be customized to change its appearance and even showing a written message to the general availability of sketches that can be embodied in special printers. In this regard, Mary Carelli, local representative of contemporary jewelry, that beyond the design process, “jewelry-technology relationship is also thought regarding work processes, such as solving a piece on the brand new 3D printers”, and bypassing the pure craft work “design goes directly from a computer program to the printer”.

Pallarols feedback: “I have not had the opportunity to make a combination of something, but I’m a pro include developing and if that means that the life of any person may be more enjoyable, more fun, more enjoyable, or you can have something besides be useful to have a value or a differential, the famous value added, upon obtaining that access to try to be the first to throw options and new visions for that to be possible because you are in the XXI century”.

One of the most ancient and distinctive traditions of humanity, to adorn, you can now integrate intelligence, i.e., computing capacity; thanks to the chips have been drastically reduced in size over the past 30 years.


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