The technical specifications of Woxter Zielo Q26 are really modern and suitable

The Spanish company Woxter has introduced its new commitment to the mid-range of smartphones: the Woxter Zielo Q26, a phone that will be available in stores starting next June 26th for a starting price of 180 euros. We are facing a modern smartphone with a very similar to the high-end phones from other manufacturers look. The Woxter Zielo Q26 incorporates a screen five inches, a processor of four cores running at 1.3 GHz and a main chamber of eight megapixels. Here we take a thorough look at all the technical specifications of this new smartphone of Woxter.

Display and Design

The IPS screen of Woxter Zielo Q26 has a size of five inches and has a resolution qHD of 940 x 560 pixels. The pixel density offered by this screen is set at 220 ppi. We are facing a fairly common screen within the mid-range mobile, so we can be confident that the content of the screen is displayed with a more accurate quality. Also, the viewing angle of the screen is up to 178 degrees, so we should not perceive any blur when viewing the screen at an angle of inclination.

The size of Woxter Zielo Q26 is set to the 143 x 73 x 9.4 mm. The weight, including battery, is 167 grams. In front of this terminal we find a remarkably elegant design featuring brushed aluminum, while at the rear we can find a plastic shell blue. In addition, the front also appear incorporated three touch buttons located below the screen; These buttons let you open the menu of additional settings, go to the Home screen and go back in navigation. On the left side of the terminal have the button to raise and lower the volume, while the right side we find the lock button on the screen.

Camera and Multimedia

The main camera fitted as standard in the Woxter Zielo Q26 has a sensor CMOS of eight megapixels, and also to be accompanied by an LED flash, it also comes with additional options such as autofocus mode or to shoot with a maximum resolution of 1,080 pixels. This camera has a digital zoom of up to four increases, so we can focus the target exactly the object you want to immortalize by a snapshot. Furthermore, the additional chamber of Woxter Zielo Q26 incorporates two megapixels located at the front of the terminal. It is primarily intended for a camera and photographs video calls self-profile, and thus includes such a simple sensor.

The Woxter Zielo Q26, like the rest of the mobile operating system Android is compatible with the most popular media formats and network incorporates a native player that can play these files without installing any external application. Supported formats, including both extensions of video as extensions of audio, are: AMR, MIDI, MP3, AAC, MP4, H.263, H.264 and 3GP.

Woxter Zielo Q26

Power and memory

The Woxter Zielo Q26 incorporates a quad-core (exact model yet to specify) processor running at a clock speed of 1.3 GHz. This processor is accompanied by a RAM whose capacity is 1 GigaByte. These data remind us that this is a mid-range phone that offers a performance proportional to its range, but if we are looking for a terminal with which to perform everyday use (surfing the Internet, chat via instant messaging applications, watch movies, etc.), these specifications should resultarnos more than enough to enjoy without suffering any problems moving flow.

The internal storage capacity of this mobile is set to the 4 gigabytes. Given that nothing you first turn the terminal we will find that half of that space is occupied by the operating system, it is best to seize slot external memory cards microSD up to 32 gigabytes incorporating this mobile.

Operating System and Applications

The operating system installed as standard in the Woxter Zielo Q26 corresponds to Android in its version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Although it is not the latest version of this operating system, this is one of the most popular versions of the market for mobile telephony, so we have guaranteed compatibility with all applications available today in store Google Play.

Installed applications in this series include both basic terminal programs such as Calendar, the Calculator or FM Radio as popular as can be the case for the implementation of programs YouTube, the application of Gmail (the free email Google) and Google Maps. These applications are only a small sample of what the user will be accessing the store Google Play, a place where you can download hundreds of applications completely free.


The connection of WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS are the protagonists of wireless connectivity of this smart phone. In terms of physical connectivity, we find an outlet microUSB, an output minijack of 3.5 mm (i.e., an output for headphones and speakers), a slot for microSD and a double-slot card SIM. The connectivity that deserves to be mentioned separately is the dual-SIM slot that incorporates this smartphone. With this slot we can use two SIM cards simultaneously, thus being able to carry both the personal line and the line of work in the same mobile.


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